By Ciara Long, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Today, Rio’s Museu da Amanhã (Museum of Tomorrow) will open a new exhibition, displaying the diversity of Brazilian innovation and creativity. The display, which features creations from across seven different sectors, will run only until the end of this week, closing on April 28th.

Rio's Museu do Amanhã, located in the city's Port Zone, will host a special exhibition on Brazilian innovation this week, photo by Byron Prujansky. Brazil, Brazil News, Rio de Janeiro, Entertainment, Arts and Culture, Science, Innovation, Museum of Tomorrow, Museu do Amanhã, special exhibition
Rio’s Museu do Amanhã, located in the city’s Port Zone, will host a special exhibition on Brazilian innovation this week, photo by Byron Prujansky.

The exhibition, ‘Inovanças – Creações à Brasileira’, will show 40 projects from different Brazilian inventors at the museum this week. The projects all involve using new technologies, and range from meticulously planned creations inspired by nature to accidental inventions.

Inventions on display include a submarine robot used for research in Antarctica, and a ‘skateboard backpack’ intended to help users escape Rio’s traffic.

Other projects include mechanic Alfredo Mozart’s device, called the ‘Mozart light’. Already used in fifteen countries, the invention is easy to install and is capable of lighting up dark environments using sunlight.

Speaking to local media, Mozart said the creation came about by accident when he was unemployed. “”I found a bottle on the table, twisted, the sun beating on it, conveying clarity inside,” he said.

The exhibition’s curator, Leonardo Menezes, said that the aim behind the exhibition is to show off not only the diversity of Brazil’s contemporary inventors’ ideas, but also to boost the visibility of Brazilian inventions on a global level.

“The idea is to show that Brazilian inventiveness is found in all regions, regardless of schooling, regardless of age, social status,” Menezes told local media. “Everyone can innovate.”

The exhibition will close on Friday, April 28th, with a special talk from its technical consultant Jorge Lopes scheduled for the closing day. Lopes, who is a professor of arts and design at PUC-Rio and a researcher at the National Institute of Technology (MCTIC), hopes that the display will attract fresh investors to Brazil’s innovative sector.

Lopes’s lecture will take place at 3PM in the museum’s Observatory. Those wishing to attend should secure their tickets in advance through the Museum of Tomorrow’s website.

What: Inovanças – Creações à Brasileira
When: Tuesday, April 25 until Friday, April 28, 10AM – 5PM
Where: Museu do Amanhã,
Entrance: Included in museum entrance ticket, R$10 – R$20


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