By Leo Byrne, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – The Rio Tourism Board (Riotur) has announced the main line-up for the New Year’s celebrations on Copacabana Beach on Friday, December 14th. One of the largest parties of its kind in the world, the ‘Réveillon’ as it’s locally known, will feature over a dozen acts across four stages along the beach, as well as a sixteen minute fireworks show and an expected two million party-goers.

Copacabana Beach Ano Novo (New Years) celebration, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil News
Over two million people are expected again at Copacabana Beach for the Ano Novo (New Years) celebration, photo by Marizilda Cruppe/Riotur.

Headlining the event on the Palco Principal (Main Stage) will be an all Brazilian line-up in the form of Rio de Janeiro natives DJ Mam and DJ Marcelinho da Lua, featuring the singer BNegão. Also performing on main stage will be Cariocan favorite Diogo Nogueira and winner of the ‘The Voice’ Brazil.

The party, which rain-or-shine usually attracts millions to the four kilometer beach, cost the city R$17 million and is expected to continue until 3AM. Riotur, are also promoting the theme of ‘more reasons to smile’, a message inspired by Rio being awarded the Unesco World Heritage status earlier this year.

Those heading to the main stage will find some changes from previous years. The stage itself is ten meters larger than last year and includes the LED lighting technology used in the London Olympics.

The party will focus around four stages, but the main stage opposite the Copacabana Palace and the Claro Stage located in front of the Rua Santa Clara are usually the largest. The third and fourth stages are located at Leme, and in front of Rua Xavier da Silveira respectively.

Beth Carvalho New Year's performance on Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil News
Even the unfortunate rain last year did not dampen the Beth Carvalho performance, photo by Marizilda Cruppe/Riotur.

In addition 36 audio towers spaced all along the beach will ensure that party goers are never far from the music. Also, the organizers are aiming for the all shows on each stage to be continuous, with no breaks between performances.

The arrival of midnight will mark the beginning of the renowned firework display. The organizers this year are planning to raise the bar by introducing new firework effects and technology into the sixteen minute show. Eleven boats will fire 24 tons of fireworks into the sky above the bay in a demonstration they say will ‘guarantee spectacle and surprise the public’.

For the first time the fireworks will work in conjunction with a light-show. Adding to the already dramatic display, sixteen LED banks positioned next to the boats will contrast and complement the colors generated by the pyrotechnic show.

Most people heading to Copacabana will be dressed in white, as it symbolizes luck in the coming year. However it is also common to see people wearing red, yellow and green to attract romance, prosperity and good health respectively.

Normal transportation into the neighborhood will not be possible as the Avenida Atlântica is closed to traffic from 3PM in the afternoon. The metro will be operating a special holiday schedule in which tickets have to be bought ahead of time and are valid for a one hour period.

To ensure safety medical and police centers are also being set up along the beach. However some care should be taken as the conditions generated by the large crowd are ideal for pickpockets. It is recommended to take as few valuables as possible and money should be kept in a zipped pocket or shoe.

The full line-up on the two largest stages is as follows, with the remainder of the line-up to be announced soon:

Main Stage (Copacabana Palace)
– DJ Mam
– Diogo Nogueira
– Sorriso Maroto
– Contagem regressiva para virada
– Claudia Leitte
– Vencedor The Voice Brasil
– G.R.E.S. Unidos da Tijuca

Claro Stage (Rua Santa Clara)
– Mariene de Castro
– Olo Dance
– Baby do Brasil
– Virada
– Grupo Revelação
– G.R.E.S. Acadêmicos do Salgueiro
– G.R.E.S. Unidos de Vila Isabel


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