By Beatriz Miranda, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – This weekend (May 20th – May 21st), Cariocas and visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy “Festa Literária de Santa Teresa” (Literary Festival of Santa Teresa) from 10AM to 6PM during an event that brings together food, art, music, debates and of course books, in different venues of the neighborhood.

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Conceição Evaristo is one of the honored writers at Festa Literária de Santa Teresa this year, press photo.

Female protagonist are the theme of this year’s festival, which will invite women artists and activists to discuss not only literature, but also health, nutrition, self-knowledge, love, among other subjects.

The FLIST event will honor Brazilian female writers Conceição Evaristo, black activist, and Graça Lima, who is also a renowned designer and illustrator. Besides, Chilean composer Violeta Parra, the 55 years of musician Cássia Eller and ninety years of composer Tom Jobim will also be the themes of some debates and attractions.

“Festa Literária de Santa Teresa is an important strategy to stimulate the book reading, and it proposes a reflection about the reader’s formation and the reading practices in the contemporary world,” affirms Emília Fernandes, director of Centro Educacional Anísio Teixeira, the educational institute responsible for the event.

The festival will be spread among different venues, such as Parque das Ruínas Cultural Center, Largo das Letras book store, Chácara do Céu Museum and Denise Tenório Art Studio. There will also be a culinary circuit at restaurants Café do Alto, Alda Maria Doces Portugueses, Espírito Santa, Maloca Carioca and Cereal.

“Apart from the Carnival, this is the time of the year when Santa Teresa gets more eventful. I never miss it, mainly because of the high level of cultural attractions,” says Carlos Gracie, a scenic arts teacher and Santa Teresa resident.

Some attractions will be exclusively dedicated to children, like Biblioteca-Picadeiro, a space dedicated to story-telling, performances and games. In Parque das Ruínas, the festival’s main venue, adults can enjoy music shows, theater plays, literary debates, poetry recitation or story-telling.

Furthermore, the event will include socially-engaged activities: Municipal Secretary of Culture, supporter of the event, will promote a “book exchange” encounter; Centro Educacional Anísio Teixeira will organize “Bré-Art”, a social thrift shop dedicated to sustainable fashion.

What: Festa Literária de Santa Teresa (FLIST)
When: May 20th – May 21st, 10AM – 6PM
Where: Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro (click here to see the venues).
Entrance: FREE


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