By Nathan M. Walters, Senior Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Tonight, Casa Do Barão in Santa Teresa will open its doors for the next edition of the funky party “Soul, Baby, SOUL!” The venue, Casa do Barão (around the corner from the neighborhood hot spot Bar do Mineiro) is a great local for an eclectic Friday unwind away from chaotic, all-be-it fun, crowds in Lapa and other Zona Sul (South Zone) clubs.

Dancer Rafael Balah on the floor at a previous edition of Soul, Baby, SOUL! Brazil News
Dancer Rafael Balah on the floor at a previous edition of Soul, Baby, SOUL!, photo by Fabian Alvarez.

The producers and DJ have been working together since 2006, always focused on paying homage to the black music that arrived in Rio in the seventies.  

“We play soulfunky in the style of James Brown, Sly Stone, and Funkadelic.  Our sets have a deep connection with the parties that happened in Rio’s suburban communities in the seventies, like the old school clubs in Bangu, Rocha Miranda, Caxias.” says DJ Lucio Branco.

This edition of the event is particularly special for the group and its admiration for the black music movement in Brazil. “This time we will make a tribute to Mr. Funky Santos, the first DJ to play only black music at the old school parties in Rio.”

The group has been guided by trend-setters like Santos, but finds inspiration in the work of legendary Rio DJ Big Boy.  Big Boy’s message is close to home for the group, particularly DJ, Leandro Petersen, the son of the late legendary disc jockey.

“Big Boy is responsible for introducing soulfunky to thousands of young black people living in Rio’s impoverished suburbs.  We try to keep his spirit alive at the show, playing the a set that is heavy on funk and sure to keep the crowd groovin’,” state Branco.

Tonight’s party promises to be funky, a great event for those that answer to the legendary intro of Big Boy’s radio show: “Hello, crazy people!”

LocationCasa Do Barão, Paschoal Carlos Magno, 73, Santa Teresa
Price: R$40, R$15 (lista amiga before 11PM), R$20 (lista amiga after 12AM)
Starts: Friday, July 13th, 11PM

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