By Nathan M. Walters, Senior Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – A little over a month since a groundbreaking installation at the Circo Digital Festival, Studio-X is still hard at work testing the boundaries of architecture and the urban landscape.  The new installation, on display tonight from 6PM in Rio’s historic Praça Tiradentes, is the culmination of a working partnership between Columbia University and PUC-Rio.

Studio-X Architecture Street Party, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil News
One of the students constructing one of the three interactive carriages that will be on display tonight at Tiradentes, photo by Studio-X.

The result of the students’ work is three mobile carriages projecting film, music, and a mobile bar; a project that is both educational and entertaining, set up in one of the city’s sorely underappreciated neighborhoods.

Studio-X Rio acted as sponsor of digital fabrication workshop and Raul Correa-Smith, coordinator of Studio-X, has been working non-stop with a mixed group of nineteen local and visiting students.

“As carriers of cargo these carts around the center of Rio have a key role in day-to-day city. In constant evolution they are tailored to the needs of its users is turning into the place of sale of products, mobile sound, temporary housing, etc. and somehow become an extension of the body and life of their drivers, inseparable elements of their work and their relationship with the city,” an energetic Correa-Smith said.

“The potential of these stands are not limited pragmatic functions of transport and trade, the carts also has a cultural role, capable of activating the city’s public spaces in the most unusual and creative ways.”

Studio-X is continually testing ideas of urban living, and the interaction between people and urban space. Tonight’s party is a great opportunity for those in Rio to become more familiar with Studio-X projects, but also a great chance to enjoy a great party.

Enjoy a beer, listen to some music (with rising local artist Mc Grafiteiro), and watch film projections, all of which will be housed in one of the three mobile carriages the visiting students have designed and built over the past four weeks.

Saturday, August 4th: Studio-X Architecture Street Party
Informative Session: Tiradentes Square, in front of # 48 / 6PM to 8PM
Party: Studio-X: Tiradentes Square # 48 / 8PM to 10PM

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