By Jay Forte, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – With over two million people expected to join the Ano Novo (New Year) celebrations referred to as Réveillon in Rio, it is understandable that the large crowds are not for everyone. Luckily Rio provides a number of great options for celebrating in style, while avoiding the enormous party on the beach.

New Year's Eve Copacabana fireworks in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Brazil News
Watching the New Year’s Eve Copacabana fireworks above the crowds in Rio de Janeiro, photo courtesy of Porto Bay Hotels & Resorts.

There is no doubt that the Réveillon on Copacabana Beach is an incredible draw, and beyond the energy of so many people celebrating together and the musical acts, there is of course the fireworks display.

Charlie Jonas, a French expatriate living in Rio, and sales director for luxury real estate firm Rio Exclusive shares, “People from all around the world love coming here because of the heat, the beaches and the parties. There are only a few cities like Rio around the world where one can enjoy themselves this much.”

To do it in style though, one of the most amazing ways to watch the fireworks is from one of the many apartments that face the ocean in Copacabana. Jonas explains, “If you are here for New Year’s and want to avoid the crowds, one of the best ways to do so is to rent out a property.”

Naturally he adds, “Rio Exclusive offers a very wide range of possibilities. From penthouses overlooking the sea, beach houses or mansions, we have an array of properties that can be tailored to all budgets.”

American expatriate in Rio, Roshni Thakker, who is the guest relations director at boutique travel and tour agency XperienceRio, agrees that Copacabana Beach has an amazing view. “We mainly sell [packages] to the beachfront hotels, since we really think tourist should see the fireworks.”

Yet she also adds that in addition to booking guests into the exclusive rooftop parties at Copacabana’s grand hotels, “For private guests, we can always create a dinner on the open sea, to view the fireworks, that is a great way. That is away from the crowds, and romantic.”

Another option to watching the show directly above the crowds on Copacabana’s beach, are locations like the exclusive French-owned Casa Mosquito in Ipanema (or Cantagalo), who will host an all-inclusive party (R$750), with an unobstructed view of the fireworks. Also the French run venue The Mansion in Santa Teresa will hold an incredible all-inclusive party.


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