By Jay Forte, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – On Thursday, February 2nd, The Rio Times is opening their first Summer Happy Hour of the year, with partner Caminhos Language Centre, and hosted at the Blue Agave Mexican bar and restaurant in Ipanema from 7PM-11PM.

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On Thursday, February 2nd, The Rio Times is hosting their first summer happy hour of the year, with partner Caminhos Language Centre, event art.

The focus of the event is to bring the community of foreigners in Rio together in a relaxed and casual way. Now that the Rio 2016 Olympics is over, and so many expatriates are coming and going, it is a great time to bring people together.

Editor and publisher of The Rio Times, Stone Korshak explains, “In some circles between the oil industry and the Olympics, a lot of the familiar faces have left. The good news is there are always new and interesting characters arriving [in Rio], and we wanted to celebrate with those that are still here, and meet as many new folks as we can.”

“First and foremost, The Rio Times is a community news company, and the more we are involved in what is happening in the community [of foreigners in Rio] the better.” Korshak says. “So for us a Happy Hour is a perfect way to casually have a chance to hear what people are up to, new social projects, new businesses, new arts and cultural projects, all of it.”

A natural partner to co-host the event is Caminhos Language Centre, a leading Portuguese-language school in Ipanema, that appeals to a lot of travelers and new arrivals with their affordable classes and deep immersion into Carioca culture – not to mention the various social projects they support.

Bel Casson of the Caminhos Language Centre shares her thoughts on co-hosting the Happy Hour. “This event with The Rio Times is a great opportunity to partner up and bring people from all different walks of life together. We have expats, foreigners here for tourism, students learning Portuguese at Caminhos and all of our Brazilian friends.”

The Blue Agave in Ipanema, Rio de janeiro, Brazil, Brazil News
The Blue Agave in Ipanema is an American-owned Mexican bar and restaurant, photo internet recreation.

She also explains, “At Caminhos we hold lots of different activities and events. It’s important for our students, teachers and our friends to get to know each other in a more social environment, out of the school.”

Adding, “[…] We try to build a strong network amongst the foreigners and call this the ‘Caminhos family’ – we are all here to help each other, whether it be for work opportunities, volunteering ideas or other activities.”

The venue is the Blue Agave in Ipanema, which is American-owned and has recently undergone a number of renovations and is excited to set-up as a hub for foreigners to enjoy Carnival this year. Their new menu includes a big 2-for-1 Happy Hour, plus some of the best ceviche in Rio. Co-owner Alex Barwinski says “I’ve yet to see anyone try it and not say they were coming back for more.”

Also to set the mood of the evening will be DJ Jeremy Goddard, a musician and expatriate from London (via New York City). He shared, “I am thrilled to be invited to play for The Rio Times. It has been an invaluable resource for me in the three years that I have been living here and it is a common thread that connects expats and internationally minded folks here in the city.”

Adding that he will be playing “A mix of funk, soul, disco and some of the more modern electronic music that is starting to find a big audience in Brazil including newly released pumping party tracks that I have recorded with the up & coming Brazilian DJs ‘Natema’.”

What: Summer Happy Hour by The Rio Times and Caminhos Language Centre
When: Thursday, February 2, 7PM – 11PM
Where: Blue Agave, Vinicus de Moraes 68, Ipanema
Entrance: FREE. Food and drink Happy Hour prices from 7PM-9PM


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