By Lise Alves, Senior Contributing Reporter

SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL – Sustainability is not top-of-mind when one thinks of São Paulo, Latin America’s largest city and one of the world’s most populous metropolis. This weekend a group will try to make those who live in this bustling city think about creative ways to living, sustainability, environment and quality of life in a city that is known for its hectic traffic and corporate lifestyle.

Outdoor movie theaters have been set up for the Virada Sustentavel, São Paulo, Brazil, Brazil News
Outdoor movie theaters have been set up for the Virada Sustentavel, photo by Raphael Ianni/Virada Sustentavel.

In its fifth consecutive year the Virada Sustentavel (loosely translated as Sustainable All-Nighter) hopes to attract more than one million people this year with dozens of attractions, activities and issues linked to sustainability in the big city.

“The Virada Sustentavel is a corroborative mobilization for sustainability,” says its organizers. According to its website the event involves the direct articulation and participation of civil organizations, public agencies, social movements, companies, schools and universities with the objective of presenting a positive and inspiring viewpoint on sustainability and its different issues’.

Biodiversity, residues, water, urban mobility, climate change, conscious consumption and green economy are just some of the issues expected to be discussed, debated and promoted during the event in São Paulo city, which is scheduled to hold over 700 free activities and musical shows in parks, museums, public schools and cultural centers throughout the city.

Among the highlights this year are the talk given by Roman Gaus of the Urban Farmers on the occupation of public space and rights to the city on Saturday, the photographic exhibition “Sixty Solutions for Climate Change” by the French Consulate as well as French films which discuss the issue of climate change on the eve of the U.N. Paris Conference on Climate (in December).

The films will be shown at the Villa Lobos Library. On Sunday morning (August 30th) a meditation group will conduct a session on top of the Martinelli building, Brazil’s first skyscraper built in in 1929, in the center of São Paulo. For the entire schedule of events see their web site.


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