By Sarah Brown, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – On Saturday, November 26th and Sunday, November 27th, the TAU Festival will hold a special edition show that brings the ear-pleasing symphonies of jazz music next to the glorious backdrop of Eduardo Kobra’s famous mural at the Olympic Boulevard in Rio.

El Miraculoso samba jazz will perform this weekend, photo by El Miraculoso.
El Miraculoso samba jazz will perform this weekend as part of the TAU festival in Rio, photo by El Miraculoso.

The TAU festival is an independent event that will occupy public spaces in Rio de Janeiro to create new connections and bring people from the local community closer together. Each edition will bring a different music style in focus, granting the stage for musical talents to perform a range of genres.

This edition will take place over the course of two days at the Olympic Boulevard and has chosen jazz as its theme. The genre was chosen as the first musical style to represent the first edition as it is characterized by improvisation, swinging, non-linear rhythms and each performance is totally unique.

The shows at the event will combine the African-Latin American sounds with the jazz classics from bands coming from the independent carioca jazz scene. This exciting blend with create an unprecedented sound, promising an unforgettable line-up of performances.

Alab ketujazz will perform this weekend in Rio de Janeiro, photo by Alab Ketujazz.
Alab ketujazz will perform this weekend in Rio de Janeiro, photo by Alab Ketujazz.

“The festival is born in a moment of effervescence of street events in Rio, but besides being free, it brings the independent music scene from Rio to the street,” explained the producers of the event Bruno Eppinghaus, David Coelho, Diana Daou and Liana Rangel.

“We decided to start with jazz as this genre has in its essence the mix, which combines very well with Rio de Janeiro and with the port region, the area of the city that in recent months has hosted major events.”

The full program includes a total of six incredible jazz bands and two parties. Visitors can expect to hear the wonderfully uplifting jazz from Afrojazz, Folakemi Quintet, Alabê Ketujazz, Dalí Clock, El Miraculoso Sambajazz, and The Camels. In addition to the live shows, there will be two parties: Vinil é Arte and Quermesse, the latter the result of a work produced from Morro da Conceição.

Jazz fan, Louisa May, says that it’s a great incentive for jazz music to develop in Rio. “It’s exciting to see new talents from the jazz scene having this opportunity to perform. I hope this will lead to many other similar events in Rio. I know there is a huge demand for it, people love jazz.”

There will be 25 food exhibitors in addition to the live performances, providing various options such as sandwiches, vegetarian and vegan food, home-made craft beers and other drink options. Best of all, this event is totally free.

What: First Edition of TAU Festival of Jazz
When: Saturday, November 26th and Sunday, November 27th – 2PM – 10PM
Where: Olympic Boulevard, Avenida Barão de Tefé
Entrance: FREE


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