By Brennan Stark, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – The American Society of Rio de Janeiro (AmSoc Rio) announced its September 21st annual cocktail party at the residence of the U.S. Consul General in Rio de Janeiro, Dennis W. Hearne.  The event aims to recognize the many contributing members of the society, as well honor and attract new sponsors.

Lindsay Duval with U.S. Consul General Dennis W. Hearne, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, News
Former President of AmSoc Rio Lindsay Duval and her husband Paul with U.S. Consul General Dennis W. Hearne (center) at last November's Thanksgiving dinner, photo by AmSoc Rio.

The longtime non-profit organization will use the occasion “To thank [AmSoc Rio’s] current and most generous sponsors” according to Society President David Huffard. “Many of our sponsors will be attending including Chevron, American Airlines, Akzo Nobel, Amsterdam Sauer, EARJ, OLM, and others.”

AmSoc Rio currently has around twenty sponsors, split across five categories: platinum, gold, silver, bronze, or copper. American Airlines, Chevron and Coca Cola being the platinum sponsors in 2011.

Holding community social events and fundraisers is not uncommon for AmSoc Rio, but Huffard claims that this event is unique, stating “The focus on our sponsors and on our appreciation of their efforts on our behalf makes this event very special for all of us in the Society.”

Former society president Lindsay Duval adds that she is is very grateful to Mr. Hearne for his generosity in hosting the event in his own home. AmSoc Rio and the U.S. Consulate have long held a close relationship, with Mr. Hearne speaking at the past two Thanksgiving events.

Duval agrees that the purpose of the event is to commemorate generous sponsors, and also adds “We are pleased to be able to share our mission to companies and colleagues that are new to Rio.”

AmSoc Rio will likely expound upon its storied history of volunteering and donations made to other non-profit organizations within Rio to help attract potential sponsors at the event.  For many years since its inception in 1917, the American Society has raised and distributed charitable funds to the surrounding communities in Rio. 

Current Society President David Huffard
Current Society President David Huffard speaks at the annual Cajun Night festivities in April, photo by AmSoc Rio.

Such donations dwindled during Brazil’s hyperinflation era in the 1980s and early 1990s, but as Brazil’s economy continued to revive and strengthen, so too did the charitable activities of AmSoc Rio. 

Recent years have seen the Society paint and provide repairs to schools, orphanages, halfway houses, and community centers, begin a new children’s library, sponsor “Health Days” in poor communities throughout Rio, and organize a beach cleanup.

The American Society also provides volunteers to act as community liaisons and translators for government personnel working for the U.S. Consulate and the U.S. Navy.  American citizens who fall ill and are treated at local Rio hospitals are likely to be visited by AmSoc Rio volunteers.

“The American Society always looks forward to the opportunity to partner with companies on charitable initiatives as well as events that are mutually beneficial to our sponsors and members,” Duval proudly claims.  

According to AmSoc Rio’s mission statement, the society believes giving back to its neighbors and working for a better Rio is more important than ever. “The society is committed to offering financial and in-kind support to charitable institutions, and its community remains open to giving its time, talents and hearts.”

To find out more about The American Society of Rio de Janeiro visit their web site.


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