By Fiona Hurrell, Senior Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – It has been two years since ‘The Irish Pub’ in Ipanema closed, a favorite amongst expatriates and Cariocas with a taste for an authentic pub feel direct from Ireland. Members of the bar’s management team, who later established ‘The Lapa Irish Pub’, have now joined together to create Copacabana’s newest addition to the nightlife scene, The Clover Irish Pub.

The Clover Irish Pub is an Irish oasis in the heart of Copacabana beach front, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil News.
The Clover Irish Pub is an Irish oasis in the heart of Copacabana’s beach front, photo by Andre Penha.

Irish bars around the world are known for their characteristic love of no-nonsense drinking and easy socializing, so perhaps it is little wonder that Irish pubs remain popular in Rio with both locals and expatriates of all nationalities.

The location of The Clover, which sits directly on the beachfront of Avenida Atlantica in the heart of bustling Copacabana, plays a big part in the overall popularity of the bar as well.

Andre Penha, who co-owns The Clover with partners Rodrigo Mendonça and João Zanini, reveals, “We thought that Copacabana, especially Avenida Atlantica, being one of the most famous beaches in the world, would be a great location for a pub.”

With a quirky interior of brick faced walls and dark wood that perfectly compliments the green and red of the façade, The Clover pays homage to its Irish roots incorporating Ireland’s national colors with its edgy yet lived-in furnishings.

Like its predecessor, the Lapa Irish Pub, The Clover boasts a hearty variety of traditional Irish beverages such as draft Guinness, Old Speckled and Jameson Irish whiskey. Aside from these though, the bar also stocks a variety of drinks that are not common in Rio.

Whiskey’s such as Jack Daniels and Famous Grouse, or the imported favorite Jagermeister are sold, as well as two of the worlds strongest beers, aptly named, Sink the Bismark and Tactile Nuclear Penguin. In addition to an impressive drinks selection, The Clover also prides itself on the food menu including a number of delicious sharing platters or petiscos which perfectly compliment a cool glass of beer after a long day on the beach.

The Clover Irish pub is warm and inviting, boasting a wide selection of beer and liqueurs, Rio de janeiro, Brazil News
The Clover Irish pub is warm and inviting, boasting a wide selection of beer and liqueurs, photo provided by The Clover Irish Pub.

Having been open since June 2nd, The Clover is already a hit among the residents and tourists of Rio. Penha explains, “We get an even mix of Cariocas, national tourists, expats and international tourists.”

In order to ensure visitors enjoy the full pub experience, The Clover proudly shows sporting events and hosts musical themed nights. In terms of events, both past and future, Penha enthuses, “We just celebrated Arthur Guinness’s day and we’re really looking forward to St. Patrick’s, our biggest event! We’ve got the Halloween party and New Year’s Eve coming up as our top events of the year.”

Whether the occasion calls for full-scale Friday night celebration or simply a mid-week pint, The Clover offers a whole range of enjoyment, something the Irish Pub scene is renowned for. Penha muses, “I think the informality of the Irish Pub is very appealing in a city like Rio, where informality is always the order of the day!”

The Clover Irish Pub
Av. Atlântica, 3.056 – Copacabana
Phone: (21) 2548-8484
Visit their website or Facebook page


  1. I would like to know whether, in this pub, the waiters serve the drinks on the table or, like their British counterparts, we have to pay in advance, every time we order a drink.

  2. I dread to think how much a Guinness will set you back in that place, I’m guessing R$25’s maybe R$30…

    Apparently you may have to pay to enter on certain days of the week also.

    It does look inviting though.


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