By Shalina Chatlani, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – The city of Rio de Janeiro will host the third edition of Rio Wine and Food Festival (RWFF), with attendance expected to grow by 250 percent this year. The event, which will occur between September 26th and October 4th throughout Zona Sul and Zona Norte (South Zone and North Zone), will invite producers from various regions of the world.

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The Rio Wine and Food Festival will offer some amazing wine, food and entertainment options, photo curtesy of Lia Soares.

The festival was organized by Baco Multimídia (Bacchus Multimedia Group), which is also responsible for editing the magazine BACCHUS, a Yearbook on Brazil Wines. It was developed to attract the general public toward culinary arts and wine, in an effort to democratize the beverage and to highlight its connection with art and culture.

Organizers say the event will occur throughout the entire city from the most upscale restaurants to the simplest botecos (Carioca pubs), in an effort to ensure that a wide range of people will have an opportunity to try good wine and food.

“Rio will benefit [from the event] and tourists will be motivated to come to the city, moved by the desire to try a good dish or enjoy a good wine, before a stunning backdrop,” says Sergio Queiroz, one of the creators of RWFF and a member of Baco Multimídia.

The festival will expand this year and will, for the first time, include a informal opening with CADEG (Municipal Market of Rio), lectures, tastings and training for employees and shopkeepers. Many programs that were successful in the 2014 edition will also occur again, such as the opening dinner at the Copacabana Palace, the seminar Wine & Market at FGV, the Wine Bus, and the Well Community Drink.

In addition to the Festival’s standard programming, there will be several lectures, group dinners, the presence of international guest chefs, tastings (including rare wine tasting), and promotions in shops, bars, restaurants and supermarkets. The supermarket chain Zona Sul, for instance, will offer discounts and specials during the week.


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