By Ciara Long, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Long-standing favorite jazz club in Rio, TribOz, formed by Australian expat Mike Ryan and selected musicians, will be returning to Lapa this weekend for a special evening of soulful jazz and blues, with support from The American Society of Rio de Janeiro (AmSoc Rio).

Alma Thomas and guitarist Thiago Trajano perform every week at TribOz, and will give a special performance for the American Society event.
Alma Thomas and guitarist Thiago Trajano perform every week at TribOz, and will give a special performance for the American Society event, internet photo recreation.

The venue, which has garnered a reputation for pleasing those in search of a fix of genuine jazz in Rio, normally hosts jazz evenings every Thursday. However, this week TribOz will present an additional night of music for AmSoc Rio, taking place on Saturday, March 25th from 9PM.

TribOz is located just a few seconds away from Glória, in an area fondly termed ‘old Lapa’, and opened in 2008 with the specific idea to create a space to “prioritize creativity without preconception”.

As a result, TribOz has welcome music and audiences from all over the world – making it an ideal venue for The American Society in Rio de Janeiro to hold their annual event.

The venue’s name reflects Ryan’s focus on international collaboration and creativity. Speaking to the Rio Times, Ryan said that TribOz gained its name because “the whole world is a tribe, and Oz, well that’s just because I am an Ozy”.

The American Society’s new president, Mateen Thobani, said that the group exists “to promote and maintain friendly relations between the peoples of Brazil and the United States.”

According to board member Carmen Tedesco, the event at TribOz, presents the perfect opportunity for the American Society to fulfill this mission. “[AmSoc Rio] would like to collaborate with more local groups promoting the Arts and Food,” he said.

TribOz Rio offers geuine jazz in an intimate 'old Lapa' setting, internet photo recreation.
TribOz Rio offers genuine jazz in an intimate ‘old Lapa’ setting, internet photo recreation.

“We would like to build a community of like-minded people who appreciate the grassroots organizations that exist in Rio, and give support to local grassroots organizations.”

For singer Alma Thomas, who specializes in American Jazz and normally plays every Thursday at the venue, TribOz is a space that truly reflects creativity, spontaneity and inclusivity.

Speaking to The Rio Times about her upcoming performance at the American Society’s jazz event, Thomas said she felt “privileged” to be a part of TribOz’s creative space.

“At times you might be lucky and go to a show where the sound is great, but you won’t find anything like TribOz, because Mike, his sound – it’s truly creativity, originality, honesty in music,” Thomas told The Rio Times. “This automatically creates a reaction, a union between the public and the music.”

Adding, “We never know what’s going’s to happen [when we perform]. We truly have an artistic liberty that you won’t find in any other part of the city.”

The American Society’s TribOz jazz night will take place on Saturday, March 25th, from 9PM. Tickets are priced at R$30 and are in limited supply, and those wishing to secure a place should email the American Society on

What: TribOz-Rio Jazz
When: Saturday, March 25th, 9PM
Where: TribOz, Rua Conde Lages, 19 – Lapa
Entrance: R$30. Tickets should be purchased in advance from The American Society in Rio de Janeiro.


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