By Ciara Long, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – At more than 450 years old, the city Rio de Janeiro has a lot of stories to offer history enthusiasts. Like any city with a long history, however, Rio also has its fair share of horror stories, and this week a new walking tour will take visitors on a journey through Rio, on a path defined by ghost stories.

One of the stops on Sou+Carioca's urban legends tour, photo internet recreation. Brazil, Brazil News, Rio de Janeiro, Tours, Walking Tours, Walking Tours in Rio de Janeiro, Centro, History of Rio de Janeiro, ghost stories, scary stories, Tiradentes, Praça XV, Arco do Teles
One of the stops on Sou+Carioca’s urban legends tour, photo internet recreation.

On Friday, March 17th at 3PM, the tour – led by Sou+Carioca, a tourism company that wanted to create tours for Cariocas and long-term residents to better know and understand the city they live in – will kick off from the General Osório statue in Praça XV.

Lasting for approximately three hours, the tour will be in Portuguese and will pass through the city’s legislative assembly Alerj and Rua Primeiro de Março among its stops, finishing at Arco do Teles for a drink in a nearby bar.

The tour is a collaborative economy project, formed by fourteen qualified Rio tour guides in 2015. Among them is Gabriela Palma, who was one of the initial creators.

“The tour is based on urban legends in the city,” Palma told The Rio Times. “Specifically the stories that took place in the center of Rio, like the story of Barbara dos Prazeres, who many say was a woman who killed children to drink their blood and always remain young.”

Dida Jeronymo, one of Palma’s colleagues, will lead the company’s urban legends tour. “Dida is trained in performing arts, so it gives a special touch to the tour,” said Palma, adding that the tour is suitable for adults and children alike.

Other walking tours available include Jardim Botanico, visits to museums like São Cristovão’s astronomy museum and the city’s Folklore museum, Corcovado hikes and a Santa Teresa walking tour. More information is available on Sou+Carioca’s website and Facebook page.

What: Tour Lendas Urbanas – 17 de Março
When: March 17th, 3PM and departing at 3:15 PM
Where: Praça XV, by the General Osório statue
Entrance: voluntary contribution, minimum R$10


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