By Beatriz Miranda, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – After its success in São Paulo and Florianópolis, wine taste festival “Vinho na Vila” (Wine in the Village) will take place in Rio de Janeiro for the first time, in Píer Mauá (Rio’s Port Zone), from May 19th to May 21st. Around 200 Brazilian wine producers will participate in the event.

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People will be able to experience the technique used by Italian immigrants to produce wine, photo by FGuaraná Comunicação.

Besides the wine stalls, “Vinho na Vila” will join with various other attractions. From Friday (May 19th) to Sunday (May 21st), Carioca jazz, blues and MPB bands, like group Relógio de Dalí (jazz) and Lourenço Vasconcellos (blues), will perform live music.

Wine lovers will also find many culinary options to harmonize with the wines, such as food trucks Jay Jay, The Pizzaiolos, Devorando, Gratini and Food Bike. A beer stall will also be available, with the artisanal label Paquetá Cervejaria.

For the wine lovers who are interested in learning more about oenology, the event will offer a workshop with specialists like Silvia Mascella Rosa, Ibravin’s sommelier.

The event will also have activities for children: in the activity “Pisa na Uva”, people will experience the traditional technique of crushing the grapes by foot, just like the Italian’s used to do.

According to Larissa Fin, who created “Vinho na Vila”, “Cariocas, today, drink wine during the entire year. The wine market is growing a lot in Rio.”
The event’s purpose, says Fin, “is to show people that Brazilian wine can be good quality. And that wine does not need to be an elitist product. It can be accessible.”

Bueno Wines (RJ), Casa Perini (Vale dos Vinhedos – RS), Dal Pizzol (Vale dos Vinhedos – RS), Torcello (Vale dos vinhedos – RS), Perico (Serra Catarinense – SC), Vinhos e Vinhos (Serra Gaúcha – RS), Gallon Sucos, exclusiva de sucos de uva (Serra Gaúcha – RS), Rio Sol (Pernambuco – PE), Maximo Boschi (Bento Gonçalves – RS), Giaretta (Guaporé – RS), Vinhos Batalha (Campanha – RS) are some of the wine farms confirmed for the event.

What: “Vinho na Vila” wine tasting event
When: Friday May 19th – Sunday May 21st
Where: Touring building – Praça Mauá, s/n – Região Portuária, Rio de Janeiro
Entrance: R$70 – which includes the event’s wine glass, and wine tasting in all stalls


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