By Michela DellaMonica, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL — The winter season in Cidade Maravilhosa may not be as cold as experienced in other parts of the world, but it does cool off enough to be able to tolerate wearing long pants and sleeves, maybe even a light jacket in the evenings. This year’s winter style trends for women’s fashion in Rio includes a tribute to gypsy style called boho chic, a makeover for the ordinary gardener with trendy overalls and shirts with printed animal faces.

2014 winter style, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil News
A recent marketing campaign for Zerozen, internet recreation.

With references of ethnic styles, hippie and country folk color accents, the boho chic term is used in referencing the boho gypsy origin, and is short for bohemian.

“The adherents of this style generally opt for pieces in earth tones, with orange, green and magenta colors in the fabrics and patterns,” explains Carioca style consultant and fashion blogger Camy Filgueiras. “The boho chick style consists of long, flowy skirts, flare pants, gowns, long dresses and blouses in gypsy style patterns and fabric.”

Within the boho chic style there is fringe in handbags, shirts and even jewelry, similar to the summer bikini fringe top trend. “Fringe was seen on the international catwalks of the Italian Gucci handbags and Fendi and now in Rio it is one of the highlights of the season and appears in many collections including handbags, shoes, earrings, necklaces and on clothing,” says Filgueiras.

Boho chic pieces can be found at Zerozen in Shopping da Gávea mall in Zona Sul (South Zone) as well as Centro, Barra da Tijuca and Niterói, or online. Another option to find these styles outside of Rio’s metropolitan area is at Rebrun which has eleven stores, as well as daily fashion tips from Camy Filgueiras on her blog.

Cute faces of kittens and puppies have been around in Rio since 2013 but this winter season they’ll be worn in style and louder than ever. Though printed animal faces is most popular on shirts, one can find pants and leggings and even handbags with an adorable puppy face on it.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil News
Boho chic and printed animal face shirts are some of the trends for winter 2014, photo by Rebrun.

One style tip from Carioca fashionista Patricia Villar is to “opt for just one piece, which can be either a shirt, a light jacket or purse with an animal face on it. The rest of the outfit should be as neutral as possible, preferably white or black.”

It’s also possible to “combine printed animal face clothing with other pieces of clothing that is striped or floral, if you’re feeling risky and wild,” advises Villar. For affordable printed animal shirts and accessories, C&A is the ideal store to check out first either in the mall or online.

The traditional farmer or gardener look got a makeover this winter with the newest trend: jeans and shiny black leather overalls. This style of pants that hook up to over your shoulders also come as a skirt.

Once popular in the early nineties for young girls and still today for children, it is now once again hitting the stores in top fashion. The second Forever 21 store in Brazil located in Barra da Tijuca’s luxury Village Mall is offering shiny black leather overalls as well as overalls and skirts in navy blue cotton, black and maroon.


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