By Ciara Long, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Bringing some of the best wines from Spain and Portugal, this year’s World Wine Festival will pass through Rio de Janeiro today, Wednesday April 5th, on the Brazil part of its circuit. Following an ‘Iberian Peninsula’ theme this year, the event will bring quality wines from more than sixty labels to the city.

World Wine Experience will bring some of the Iberian Peninsula's best to Rio de Janeiro, photo by Wikimedia Commons. Brazil, Brazil News,, Rio de Janeiro, Entertainment, Arts and Culture, Food and Drink, Wine, Wine in Brazil, Wine in Rio, World Wine Experience
World Wine Experience will bring some of the Iberian Peninsula’s best to Rio de Janeiro, photo by Wikimedia Commons.

Taking place from 3PM at the Prodigy Hotel Santos Dumont Airport, the event will last until 10PM and will remain in Rio for one day only, moving on to Brasília tomorrow.

There will be thirteen wineries from different regions of Spain and Portugal present at the event, represented by the owners or associated winemakers.

Products from these wineries, in addition to the 65 labels touring with the event, will be available for tastings as well as for visitors to purchase.

Celso La Pastina, a partner-owner of World Wine, said that the idea behind the event is to give consumers a tasting experience of a variety of wines.

“Even now, where the internet approaches access to global information from the wine world, I still believe that the most effective and enjoyable way of knowing a label is to try it,” said La Pastina. “And the experience is strengthened when our customers can have direct contact with those who produce them to know their stories and news.”

Tony Kemenesi, a Swedish expat in Rio and owner of distributor Fine Wines, agrees with La Pastina’s assessment. “It is just great for the consumer to chat directly with the producers who usually appears at these events, ask the about the region or grape variety, culture of a particular country and region,” he told The Rio Times.

Adding, “The best way to get to know wine is to taste, that’s why it is so important with these events, you get the opportunity to taste maybe 200 wines in one night, just remember to spit!”

Spanish labels present at the event include Marqués de Murrieta, Vivanco, Bodega y Viñedos Valdez, Borsao Bodegas and Viñedos Ponde, among others. Meanwhile, Portuguese labels include Herdade do Rocim, Quinta Vale Dona Maria, Carm, Quinta da Falorca, Quinta do Pessegueiro and Vale da Ucha.

Tickets to the event cost R$150, or R$105 for ABS members, Paulistano Club, SBAV, Enochultura and students of the enogastronomy segment, and can be purchased at the World Wine store on Rio’s Bossa Nova Mall.

What: World Wine Experience
When: Wednesday, April 5th – 3PM – 10PM
Where: Prodigy Hotel Santos Dumont Airport, Av. Almirante Silvio de Noronha, 365 – Centro
Entrance: R$105 – R$150


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