By Jay Forte, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Roshni Thakker and XperienceRio are partnering with The Rio Times, Latin American Training Center (LATC) and Viva Filmes to host the Rio Film MixUp tonight, on Wednesday, March 23rd, in Leblon. The event is a chance for filmmakers in Rio de Janeiro to come together, connect and talk about the art and industry.

Roshni Thakker and XperienceRio, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Brazil News
Roshni Thakker (center) and the team will be co-hosting the Rio Film MixUp, photo by XperienceRio.

XperienceRio, a premium travel and tour company based in Rio de Janeiro, began spreading its roots in 2010 when American born, Roshni Thakker, fell in love with the city, and decided she wanted to share her passions with others that visited.

Thakker explains, “Our growth has been organic, due largely by the flourishing affiliations we have formed with partners who share a similar goal of offering first class service.”

As far as how XperienceRio is positioned in the market to help filmmakers achieve their goals here in Rio, she describes, “XperienceRio is a company that specializes in creating experiences tailored to the clients’ needs, wants and dreams. As we have in the past, filmmakers come to us with a dream of what they wish to film, and we make sure that their vision is able to happen in the midst of the wonders that Rio has to offer.”

Specifically, Thakker says the services have included experiences for specific scene shots from helicopters, yachts, and even favela communities. The agency works along-side location scouts to find sites, while also managing logistics such as transportation and catering for productions.

In terms of what XpereinceRio is looking forward to in the future for this Olympic year, Thakker explaines, “The World Cup proved a strong turning point when exposure to companies and sponsors offered opportunities for larger group events, along side individual travel needs.”

“Their demand for transforming experiences has driven us to create ideas offering a unique perspective on travel integrating culture, nature, culinary delights and entertainment.” She adds, “This, alongside our familiarity with the ins and outs of the city will allow us to cultivate memorable and safe itineraries for our guests during the 2016 Games.”

Rio Film MixUp
The Rio Film MixUp is on Wednesday, March 23rd, in Leblon at the La Calaca, event art.

Editor and publisher of The Rio Times, Stone Korshak, explains how the Rio Film MixUp event took shape with XperienceRio. “I meet Roshni a few years ago and we’ve been discussing how to work together, and what projects we could collaborate on, so this is just the first of many things we can partner on I hope.”

Adding “Their approach to the marketplace is polished and sophisticated to a level that not may are in Rio, so it is a good match for The Rio Times – as we aspire to work at a premium level of professionalism as well,… but still have a good time of course.”

For Thakker, she explains the appeal of the Rio Film MixUp, “At XperienceRio, we are very excited to hear about the new and ongoing projects that might happen in the city of Rio.”

Adding “We wish that the industry continues to look at us when they come to Rio, and that this MixUp can give us the contacts that could provide new partnerships in the future. Rio has so much to offer, so we want to continue to be involved in offering the best experiences possible to our clients.”

The Rio Film MixUp event will be hosted at La Calaca, a gourmet Mexican eatery in Leblon, with a drink promotion of 2-for-1 glasses of sangria and bottles of Sol and Budweiser, from 7-8PM and 10PM to Midnight. Make sure to RSVP on the Facebook page so the venue can plan accordingly.

Also, all are welcome to post their short film video projects on the event page, or teasers for longer format films, look-books for actors and shooter or editor reels.

What: Rio Film MixUp @ La Calaca
When: 7PM-Midnight, Wednesday, March 23rd
Where: La Calaca, Avenida Ataulfo de Paiva, 1240, Loja B, Leblon, RJ
Entrance: FREE


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