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Friday’s Rio Nightlife Pick : The American-themed Gringo Café in Ipanema will be hosting its monthly Gringo Group Therapy Happy Hour tonight starting at 7PM. Co-sponsored by popular Meetup Group “Expats and English Speakers of Rio de Janeiro”, it will be a great way to connect with new and old friends, over 2-for-1 drinks.


Wobble Dubstep convida: Roots Rock Revolution + Idioteque (Copacabana)
Get ready to bump nasties to the thickest beats in Rio at Wobble Dubstep at Fosfobox. The Wobble crew is celebrating their one year anniversary with DJs Electricus – USA, Fat is My Bassline, Roots Rock Revolution and the Wobble Crew.
Fosfobox – 11PM
Rua Siqueira Campos, 143 – Copacabana – Tel: (21) 2548-7498
Entrance: R$25 with until 1am, R$30 without guestlist after 1am and R$35 without guestlist all night

Arcade on Fire (Botafogo)
Feel the heat on the dancefloor of Casa da Matriz with Arcade on Fire, wear short clothes, and decide to party the night away.
Casa da Matriz – 11PM
Rua Henrique de Novaes 107, Botafogo – Tel: (21) 2226-9691 / (21) 2266-1014
Entrance: R$20 with until 1am, R$25 without guestlist after 1am and R$30 without guestlist all night


Ressaca de Carnaval (Lapa)
Hurting from Carnaval? Join the rest of the hungover crew at Circo Voador for Ressaca de Carnaval, where a few of the best blocos get together to throw down one last time. Expect to hear Cru and Toca Rauuul! Viva o Rei do Rock Brasileiro! (Long Live the King of Brazilian Rock!)
Circo Voador – 10pm
Rua dos Arcos, 1 – Lapa – Tel: (21) 2533-0354
Entrance: tickets range from R$30 to R$60

U2 Cover (Lapa)
Enjoy the timeless tunes of the Beatles at the Lapa Irish Pub.
Lapa Irish Pub– 5PM
Rua Evaristo da Veiga, 147(21) 2221-7236
Entrance: R$20

The Rio Times Nightlife Guide, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Nightlife, Bars, Clubs


Gringo Group Therapy (Ipanema)
Expatriates and Carioca friends will be kicking March off with the next Gringo Group Therapy Happy Hour event, held at the Gringo Café in Ipanema. This month’s Happy Hour will be co-sponsored by popular Meetup Group “Expats and English Speakers of Rio de Janeiro”.
Gringo Café – 7PM
Rua Barão da Torre, 240, Ipanema – Tel: (21) 3813-3972
Entrance: Free

Tonemai (Ipanema)
Great local spot for those interested in being in the Brazilian mix of Ipanema with Brazilian food and drinks.
Rua Farme de Amodeo, 57 Ipanema – Tel: (21) 2247-8403
Entrance: Free

Barzin (Ipanema)
Enjoy a sunny morning on the beach. Then, meet friends for lunch, chat, have a beer cold and crackling with a good laugh. This is the lifestyle of Rio and inspired by Barzin and brings a new concept in the late afternoon and evening of Ipanema. Great happy hour spot for those looking to meet new people.
Rua Vinicius de Moraes 75, Ipanema – Tel: (21) 2522-1809
Entrance: Free

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