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blondish_site-e1438705220130Friday’s Rio Nightlife Pick – It’s time for the best of house as Fosfobox in Copacabna presents the Bootleg party with special guest Blond:ish.

Formed in 2008, Blond:ish is the Candian DJing Duo of Anstascia D’Elene Cornière and Vivie-ann Bakos. They are stopping in Rio tonight as part of thier ongoing ‘Endless Games’ Tour.

Blond:ish will spin in the subsolo (basement) tonight with Bed & Breakfast, DJs Jonas Rocha, Leo Janeiro, and Marcelo Abreu. Additionally during the night, Ananda Nobre and Nina Soul will spin as part of Reboot at the Fosfobar.


Cidadão Instigado (Botafogo)
Following last night’s show, Quintavant and Audio Rebel will once again present a live performance by Cidadão Instigado tonight in Botafogo. Formed in 1994, the band consists of members Fernando Catatau, Dustan Gallas, Régis Damasceno, Clayton Martins, Rian Batista and sound engineer Yuri Kalil. They are known for their sounds that are influenced by Northeastern Brazilian rock from the 70s. The band will perform for a third night on Saturday, August 22nd.
Audio Rebel – 8PM
Visconde de Silva 55, Botafogo– Tel: (21) 3435-2692
Entrance: R$30

Xangai (Lapa)
Tonight Brazilian singer-songwriter and guitarist Xangai will perform live at Circo Voador in Lapa. Xangai released his debut album, Aconteciventos, almost forty years ago in 1976 and the concert tonight will celebrate the release of the 17th album of his career, the self-titled, Xangai. Tambores de Olokun will open the night and Mariana Mello will close the night after the Xangai performance with a forró dance party. Additionally, DJ Araripe will spin during the night.
Circo Voador – Gates will open at 10PM
Rua dos Arcos, S/N, Lapa – Tel: (21) 2533-0354
Entrance: R$40 – R$80


Black Cave (Arpoador)
The Black Cave party will celebrate its first anniversary tonight at the popular CAVE club in Arpoador tonight. DJs Nicole Nandes, David Levy, Christian K., Rapha Lima, and Saddam will spin during the night and promotions will include two-for-one specials on caipifrutas until 2AM. Entrance to the event is free for women with their names on the list until 1AM.
Rua Francisco Otaviano 20, Arpoador – Tel: (21) 3576-8024
Entrance: Entrance to the event is free for women with their names on the list until 1AM. R$30-R$70.

Keg: House Party (Botafogo)
Tonight Casa da Matriz will host the Keg: House Party with keg stands, the mega beer bong, beer pong, jello shots and a JagerBomb battles. Additionally during the event, DJs Grazzia and Caio will spin the best of pop, hip hop, funk and hits on the first floor while DJs Sal and Fernando Prado spin the best of rock on the second floor.
Casa da Matriz – 11PM
Rua Henrique de Novaes 107, Botafogo – Tel: (21) 2226-9691 / (21) 2266-1014
Entrance: R$25- R$35

Quebrando a Cena (Lapa)
Tonight Fundição Progresso in Lapa will host the Quebrando a Cena party with very special guest MC Nego do Borel performing live. Additionally during the night, DJs Roberto Cruz, Ingrid Gründig, and Fernando Prado will spin on the Quebrando a Cena stage and DJs Felipe Malfoy, Vitor Medina, Gui Ferrera, and Daniel Nahoum will spin in the lounge. Shots of Chuva de Chandon and Drink QC will be distributed throughout the night and there will be shots of tequila with Anninha Wolf.
Fundição Progresso – 11PM
Rua dos Arcos 24, Lapa – Tel: (21) 2220-5070
Entrance: R$25 – R$50

Elas (Gávea)
The chic indoor/outdoor venue 00 (Zero Zero) in Gávea will host the Elas party tonight. DJs Larissa Busch, Tomás Tróia, and São Gonça & the manger will spin and there will be a special warehouse DJ set.
00 (Zero Zero) – 10PM
Av. Padre Leonel Franca 240, Gávea – Tel: (21) 2540-8041
Entrance: See venue for details.


Follow Me (Ipanema)
It’s time for the best of electronic and funk music as the Praia Club in Ipanema hosts the Follow Me party tonight. DJs Johnny Glovez, Wally, Jaybolt, Garbriel Monterio, Matheus Gonçalves and De Luca will spin during the night.
Praia Club – 10PM
Rua Barão da Torre, 344 – Tel: (21) 9688 7404
Entrance: R$40 – R$70

Beachbeat (Lagoa)
Tonight the posh club Miroir in Lagoa will host the Beachbeat party. DJs Mary Olivetti, Rafael Calente, and Andressa Fleming will spin the best of house and more during the night.
Miroir – 11PM
Avenida Epitácio Pessoa, 1484, Lagoa– Tel:(21) 2513-3898
Entrance: See venue for details.

Arte Inn (Centro)
Tonight the Arte Inn party returns to La Paz in Centro with special guest, São Paulo DJ and producer Dee Bufato. DJs Sean Diss, πollanda, Gui Toledo, and Serp4F also will spin on the first stage and Manara and Dee Bufato will spin a special back-to-back set. The TrapAttack party will take over the second stage during the night with DJs Vinicius Tesfon, Rodrigo Bueno, and the YOLO Girls spinning. In addition to plenty of bass, there will also be a twerking contest; Street Burguerz will offer food; and VJ Galazi will provide visuals during the night.
La Paz – 11PM
Rua do Rezende 82, Centro – Tel: (21) 2509-2403
Entrance: R$10 – R$40

Lapa Loca (Lapa)
Bem Brasil Entretenimento will present the Lapa Loca party in Bar da Boa Show in Lapa tonight. During the event, Bom Batuque will perform the best of samba, funk and more live and DJ Ricardo Martins will spin the best of hip hop, funk, and reggaeton. Additionally, caipirinhas will be unlimited until 12AM.
Bar da Boa Show – 11PM
Avenida Mem de Sá, 69, Lapa, – Tel: (21) 2221-2542
Entrance: R$30 – R$50

Bootleg with Blond:ish (Copacabana)
Tonight the Bootleg party returns to Fosfobox in Copacabana with Bed & Breakfast, DJs Jonas Rocha, Leo Janeiro, Marcelo Abreu and very special guest Blond:ish spinning in the subsolo (basement) and Ananda Nobre and Nina Soul spinning for Reboot at the Fosfobar during the night.
Fosfobox – 11PM
Rua Siqueira Campos 143, Copacabana – Tel: (21) 2548-7498
Entrance: R$30 – R$60

Cabaret Sexta (Botafogo)
Tonight the Cabaret Lounge will host the Cabaret Sexta party with DJ Jacaré spinnning the best of rock and pop.
Cabaret Lounge – 9PM
Rua Voluntários da Pátria 449, Botafogo – Tel: (21) 2226-4126
Entrance: R$25 -R$38

VM Soul (Praça da Bandeira)
It’s time for the very best of soul and classic funk spun on 45 rpm vinyl as the Porto Pirata hosts the first edition of the VM Soul party tonight.
Porto Pirata – 8PM
Rua Lópes de Sousa 24, Praça da Bandeira. – Tel: (21) 2520-2754
Entrance: FREE

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Trio Aba de Couro, Ito Melodia, and Marcos Novatto (Centro)
Beginning at 8PM, Marcos Novatto will start off the night at Rio Scenarium with the best of samba, MPB, forró, and sambalanço. Composer and musician Ito Melodia will follow, beginning at 11PM, with sambas enredos. Then from 2:30AM until the sunrise on Saturday morning Trio Aba de Couro will perform the best of forró.
Rio Scenarium – 8PM, 11PM, and 2:30AM
Rua do Lavradio, 20 casa – Centro – Tel: (21) 3147-9000
Entrance: R$25-R$40

Lapafest (Lapa)
It’s time again for Lapafest at Leviano bar tonight. Singer Lucas de Moraes will start off the night by performing his reinterpretations of works by Zeca Pagodinho, Jorge Aragão, and Clara Nunes, among others. Singer Mar César will follow with the best of samba. On the second floor during the night, the power trio Johnny’s will perform the best of international pop rock. Additionally, during the night DJs Márilo and Ailton Areas will spin the best of samba, sambalançco, funk, hip hop and electronic during show intervals.
Leviano – 7PM
Mem de Sá 47, Lapa – Tel: (21) 2507-5779
Entrance: R$20-R$30 (Cash only)

Julio Estrela and Marina Iris with Rogê (Lapa)
Tonight at Carioca da Gema in Lapa, Julio Estrela and Marina Iris will return to perform live with guest Rogê beginning at 9:30PM.
Carioca da Gema – 8PM, 9:30PM and 11PM
Av. Mem de Sá 79, Lapa – Tel: (21) 2221-0043
Entrance: R$30


Los Cabras @ Lapa Irish Pub (Lapa)
It’s time for the best of classic rock as the band Los Cabras performs live at Lapa Irish Pub tonight. If you are looking for quality imported beers and a welcoming environment to drink them in while rocking out, this is the place to go.
Lapa Irish Pub – 8PM
Rua Evaristo da Veiga 147, Lapa – Tel (21) 2221-7236
Entrance: R$10

OMG Lounge (Leblon)
Since its opening in March, the OMG Lounge has been attracting both locals and tourists alike with its intimate atmosphere and new varieties of food and drinks. Promotions include two chopps for R$15.50.
OMG Lounge – 9PM
Avenida Ataulfo de Paiva, 1321, Leblon – Tel:(21) 3083-6486
Entrance: See venue for more information.

Autobam! @ Bar do B (Laranjeiras)
Tonight Bar do B in Laranjeiras will host a special KraftPunk edition of the Autobam! party. During the event, DJs Arlei Hey Hey, Dvogt, and Renato Jukebox will celebrate the works of Kraftwerk and Daft Punk as well as spin the best of Depeche Mode, Crystal Castles, Soft Cell, Ladytron, The Chemical Brothers, CHVRCHES, Erasure, Radiohead, Hot Chip, and Cut Copy, among many others.
Bar do B – 11PM
Rua das Laranjeiras 90, Laranjeiras – Tel: (21) 98477-2442
Entrance: R$10 – R$20

Grecco @ The Clover Irish Pub (Copacabana)
Every Friday night the band Grecco is performing the best of hard rock, indie, punk, and classic rock live at The Clover Irish Pub in Copacabana.
The Clover Irish Pub – 9PM
Av. Atlântica 3546, Copacabana – Tel: (21) 2548-8484
Entrance: See venue for details.

Cassino dos Gatunos (Ipanema)
Tonight the Barzin Bar and Restaurant in Ipanema will host the Cassino dos Gatunos party. During the event attendees can choose form a large selection of songs to perform karaoke with live backing by the band Gatunos do Rocha. Additionally DJ Daniel Faria will spin the best of hip hop, pop, and funk.
Barzin – 11PM
Rua Vinícius de Moraes 75, Ipanema
Entrance: R$20 – R$80

Mab’s Restaurant and Bar (Copacabana)
This American-owned restaurant and bar on Copacabana Beach is a great place for food, drinks and entertainment. Every night, Tony Boka is performing live from 8PM until 1AM. Boka is known for his varied repertoire that always pleases the crowd. Additionally Happy Hour specials on Mondays through Fridays, 5PM – 8PM, include 300ml choop for R$5.50 and 50% off discount on petiscos (appetizers).
Restaurante Mab’s –Monday-Thursday 8AM-2AM, Friday-Saturday 9AM to 4AM in the morning
Avenida Atlantica 1140, Copacabana – Tel: (21) 2275-7299
Entrance: Free

Gringo Cafe (Ipanema)
The Gringo Cafe brings all things great about America to Ipanema, including beers, food and atmosphere. Go there to enjoy pancakes, real bagels, sliders, and more.
Gringo Cafe – 11AM
Rua Barão da Torre 240 Loja A, Ipanema- Tel: (21) 3813-3972
Entrance: Free

Mud Bug (Copacabana)
With two locations in Copacabana, Mud Bug provides a great selection of beers and food. There isn’t much missing from this American-style staple.
Mud Bug – 5PM
Rua Rudolpho Dantas 16, Copacabana – Tel:(21) 2543-5052
Entrance: Free

Shenanigan’s (Ipanema)
With classic pub games like darts and pool, Ipanema’s Shenanigan’s is always a great spot to visit.
Shenanigan’s Irish Pub – 7PM
Rua Visconde de Pirajá 122A (Upstairs), Ipanema – Tel: (21) 2267-5860
Entrance: See venue for details.

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