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We have the top three picks for this Monday, and below there is a list of bars and lounges that are always a good option.

Aniversário do Samba do Castelinho @ Castelinho do Flamengo (Flamengo) – This Monday is a big celebration because Samba do Castelinho are celebrating a year of live music.

During these unforgettable Mondays the Castelinho has enjoyed the illustrious presence of great musicians such as Áurea Martins, Dráuzio Varella, Nina Wirth, Paulino Dias, Regina Braga and Zélia Duncan.

They will be paying a special thanks to Junia Versiani, a faithful and relentless friend, admirer, supporter and, along with Jorge, “guilty” for the cachaças at the table for the public.

This is sure to be a great event and celebration of the most quintessentially Brazilian genre of music. And as they say, (courtesy of Mauro Duarte and Noca da Portela) “but as long as there is samba, joy continues, joy continues, joy continues!”

Tickets are available from R$15-R$30 and the night gets going at 6:30PM.

Aniversário do Samba do Castelinho – Rua Dois de Dezembro – Flamengo

For more information, check out the event page.

The Beatles Revolution @ Botto Bar (Botafogo) – This Monday, Os Beatlemaníacos present a repertoire packed with songs from the Fab Four that make expound the dream of freedom, equality, peace, love and the ideals of the sixties that remain more alive now than ever.

They are also celebrating John Lennon’s birthday and the fiftieth anniversary of the iconic ‘White Album.’ The band consists of Pedro Dias on bass, Carol Lima on drums, Mario Vitor and Luiz Lopez on guitars. The show will also feature several special guests.

The music starts at 8PM and admission is R$20.

The Beatles Revolution – Rua Henrique de Novais, 55. Botafogo

For more information, go to the event page.

Moacyr Luz e Samba do Trabalhador @ Renascença Clube (Andaraí) – There’s still a lot of samba to fit into October, with Moacyr Luz e Samba do Trabalhador preparing a concert for everyone at the Renascença Clube, Andaraí.

The band will feature Moacyr Luz, Daniel Neves, Alexandre Nunes, Gabriel Cavalcante, Nego Alvaro, Luiz Augusto Lima Guimaraes, Nilson Visual, Junior De Oliveira, and Mingo Silva.

The music starts a little early, at 4PM, but should go onto around 9:30PM. Tickets are R$20.

Moacyr Luz e Samba do Trabalhador – Rua Barão de São Francisco, 54 – Andaraí

For more information, head to the event page.

The Rio Times, Nightlife Guide, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Nightlife, Bars, Clubs, Parties


Winehouse (Botafogo)
Winehouse is a wine bar run by a British expat that has brought an eclectic range of wines to Rio including a mix of fabulous national wines and international favorites. There is also a great selection of nibbles and cheese boards. For those who aren’t too keen on wine, there is plenty of beer and cocktail options too. Happy hour begins at 6PM and finishes at 8PM.
Winehouse – 6PM
Rua Paulo Barreto, 25 – Botafogo – Tel: (21) 3264-4101
Entrance: FREE

Pavão Azul (Copacabana)
Pavão Azul is a lively bar in Copacabana, famous for its exceptionally cold beers and prawn pastels. It gets crowded there every night, making every day of the week seem like the weekend.
Pavão Azul – 6:30 PM – 1AM
Rua Hilário de Gouvêia, 71 – Copacabana – (21) 2236-2381
Entrance: FREE

Blue Agave Copa (Copacabana)
As well as great drinks and authentic Mexican food, the Blue Agave bar in Copacabana is one of the best places to watch live sports. Make sure to check out the original Blue Agave located in Ipanema also.
Blue Agave – 6PM
Rua Aires Saldanha 21C – Copacabana– Tel: (21) 3592-9271
Entrance: Free

Shenanigan’s (Ipanema)
With classic pub games like darts and pool, Ipanema’s Shenanigan’s is always a great spot to visit. Monday to Friday, Happy Hour is from 6PM to 8PM and Mondays are half-price steak nights starting at 8PM.
Shenanigan’s Irish Pub – 7PM
Rua Visconde de Pirajá, 122A (Upstairs) – Ipanema – Tel: (21) 2267-5860
Entrance: See venue for details.

Nosso (Ipanema)
Located in a charming house at Maria Quitéria Street, its sophisticated drinks and dishes are undoubtedly worth a try. You will also enjoy Nosso if you are a rum lover: their rum drinks, with labels from Cuba and Jamaica, are the house specialties.
Nosso – 7PM
Rua Maria Quitéria, 91 – Ipanema – Tel: (21) 99619-0099
Entrance: R$15

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