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We have the top three picks for this Sunday, and below there is a list of bars and lounges that are always a good option.

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Jequitibá do Samba (Catete) – This Sunday, Espaço Catete hosts group Jequitibá do Samba at 5PM.

The “roda de samba” will make everyone dance along with the best samba classics until 10PM, and singer Gloria Bonfim will go up on the stage as guest musician.

Espaço Catete – Rua do Catete, 97 – Catete

Check the event for further details.

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Baila Baila! (Glória) – Get ready for a brand new musical experience tonight, as the Baila Baila show party takes place at Espaço MOVA, in Gloria, at 6PM.

The Baila Baila is a project that gathers over thirty musicians, who will perform live through the sound painting technique.

Inviting artists from dance techniques to perform on the stage, like contact & improvisation, ecstatic dance and free dance, the show will not let you be standing still.

Espaço MOVA – Rua Hermenegildo Barros, 73 – Glória

Check the event for further details.

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Julia Vargas (Ipanema) – Singer Julia Vargas will be starring this evening at Casa de Cultura Laura Alvim, in Ipanema, at 5PM.

The musician will present her own MPB compositions to the audience, and DJ João Rodrigo Miranda will open the event.

Casa de Cultura Laura Alvim – Avenida Vieira Souto, 176 – Ipanema

Check the event for further details.

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Bar Urca (Urca)
Sunday afternoon drinking whilst eating salgadinhos and watching the sunset at Bar Urca is a regular pastime in Rio de Janeiro. This simple establishment on the bayside has been a hit since 1939.
Bar Urca – 11AM
Rua Cândido Gaffrée 205, Urca – Tel: (21) 2295-8744
Entrance: Free

Yndú Lounge (Leblon)
With chilled out vibes during the week and a selection of top DJs playing shows at the weekends, the newly-opened Yndú Lounge in Ipanema is a great option to kick back. With a selection of drinks and tapas, the bar is quickly becoming one of Leblon’s best watering holes.
Yndú Lounge – 6PM
Rua Ataulfo de Paiva, 1321 – Leblon – Tel: (21) 3083-6486
Entrance: FREE

Blue Agave (Ipanema)
Just around the corner from Posto 9, Blue Agave Ipanema is also known for its mostly English-speaking staff and the international crowd which frequents the establishment. Be sure to check out Blue Agave in Copacabana also for a great night out.
Blue Agave Ipanema – 2PM
Vinicus de Moraes 68 – Ipanema – Tel: (21) 3592-9271
Entrance: FREE. Food and drink prices vary.

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