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We have the top three picks for this Sunday, and below there is a list of bars and lounges that are always a good option.

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Samba da Alice (Lapa) – Samba da Alice brings a “roda de samba” (samba circle) to Cornélia Square.

From 3PM to 9PM, the group will be playing a traditional samba repertoire in a chilled, family-friendly environment.

Samba da Alice – Praça Cornélia, Lapa.

Check the event for further details.

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Baile da Saia de Chita (Jardins) – “Saia da Chita” pays tribute to Brazilian Northern and Northeastern music with Silvan Galvão and his band, Coco de Oyá, Deca Madureira, and the Orquestra Multicultural Brasílica.

The event is an opportunity to hear rhythms like the carimbó, coco, tambor de crioula, maracatu, jongo, and cacuriá.

Espaço Mangaba – Rua Augusta, 2203, Jardins.

Check the event for further details.

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Solis Fest (Bixiga) – Bixiga’s alternative venue, Mundo Pensante, hosts the SolisFest – an event with visual arts, live music, massage sessions, and even tattoo stalls. From 4PM to 11PM.

Lab Mundo Pensante – Rua 13 de Maio, 733, Bixiga.

Check the event for further details.

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Soul Botequim (Cidade Monções)
A place for beer enthusiasts, Soul Botequim offers twelve types of draft beer and special labels. A chilled, pet-friendly bar.
Soul Botequim – 6 PM – 12:30 AM
Avenida Padre Antonio José dos Santos, 812, Cidade Monções – Tel.: (11) 3297-0006
Entrance: FREE

Santo Paulo Bar (Morumbi)
Located inside the Morumbi Stadium, Santo Paulo Bar is a fun option for sport-lovers: They have 18 TVs broadcasting all types of games. Reservations are required when a soccer match happens in this stadium.
Santo Paulo Bar – 12PM until the last client
Praça Roberto Gomes Pedrosa, PORTÃO 2, Morumbi – Telefone: (11) 3742-4432
Entrance: FREE

Bar Vizin (Butantã)
The beach chairs outside make everyone feel comfortable at Bar Vizin. Affordable prices, delicious homemade snacks, and generous drinks make it even better.
Bar Vizin – 2PM – 1AM
Avenida Corifeu de Azevedo Marques, 1401 – Butantã
Entrance: Free

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