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Jorge Ben JorSaturday’s Rio Nightlife Pick – Brazilain popular music legend Jorge Ben Jor returns to Lapa’s Circo Voador for a second night. Known for fusing the genres of samba, funk, rock and bossa nova, Ben Jor will be accompanied by the Zé Pretinho band. He is also expected to perform his hits “Mas que nada”, “O telefone tocou novamente”, “Engenho de Dentro” and “Zazueira”, among others. The show is guaranteed to make audience members of all ages and lovers of all genres of music, dance.

Ben Jor’s lively show will be well suited to the venue in which it is being performed. Circo Voador’s (Flying Circus) impressive dome-like structure is worth a visit for its architectural appeal alone and when the semi-circular auditorium is crammed with party goers both upstairs and downstairs it creates an electric atmosphere. There is little wonder why it is one of the most popular venues in Rio.


Jorge Ben Jor (Lapa)
Famed Brazilian popular musician Jorge Ben Jor returns for a second night at Lapa’s Circo Voador.
Circo Voador– Gates open at 9PM
Rua dos Arcos, S/N, Lapa – Tel: (21) 2533-0354
Entrance: see venue for details


Wobble #23 @ USINA (Saúde)
DJs Machinedrum, Rashad, Rodrigo S, Marginal Men, Pedro Piu, Manara, and Fabio Heinz will spin for Wobble #23 at Rio’s USINA.
Rua Sacadura Cabral, 154, Saude
Entrance: $R40 on the list before 12AM, R$50 on the list after 12AM, R$60 without friend’s list.

Wake Up! + Sky Wars / Star Battles (Copacabana)
“iPoDJs” will command the tracks upstairs at Fosfobox tonight while in the basement, DJs Beto Artista and Fernando Schlaepfer will spin.
Fosfobox – 10PM
Rua Siqueira Campos 143, Copacabana – Tel: (21) 2548-7498
Entrance: R$30 until 1AM with name on the list, R$40 after 1AM with name on the list and R$50 without name on the list.

After da Cave (Copacabana)
The first April edition of the After da Cave party takes place tonight and will celebrate the birthday of Rio DJ Leo Janeiro. DJs Luthier, Rod Maya, Mauricio Lopes and Eclectic will also throw down into the late morning hours in celebration.
Cave – 11:45PM -10:00AM.
Rua Francisco Otaviano, 20, Copacabana – Tel: (21) 3576-8024
Entrance: R$30 with name on the list until 1AM, R$40 with name on the list until 3AM, R$50 without name on the list and R$30 after 6AM.

The Rio Times Nightlife Guide, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Nightlife, Bars, Club


Baile Black Bom (Gamboa)
It all about the celebration of Afro-Brazilian culture tonight at the famous Rio site of Pedra do Sal as the Baile Black Bom (Good Black Party) holds its seventh edition. The band Consciência Tranquila and DJ Leandro Marcelino Flash will reinterpret classic funk from the 70s, R & B, and hip-hop until midnight.
Pedra do Sal – 5PM
Rua Argemiro Bulcão 38, Gamboa – (21) 9528-5060
Entrance: Free

Paulinho Mociade and others (Centro)
Singer, actor and composer Alan Rocha again brings his samba repertoire to Rio Scenarium beginning at 8PM with CHORO A 3 playing at 8:30PM in the Annex. The duo, Brothers of Brazil will play at 9:30PM in the Annex and singer-songwriter and four-time Carnival champion Paulinho Mociade will perform classic samba starting at 9:00PM on the Rio Scenarium main stage.
Rio Scenarium Beginning at 8PM.
Rua do Lavradio, 20 casa – Centro – Tel: (21) 3147-9000
Entrance: R$40


Academia da Cachaça (Leblon)
This bar specializes in all things cachaça, including different fruit drinks like caipifrutas and caipirinhas.
Academia da Cachaça – 9PM
R. Conde Bernadotte 26, Leblon – (21) 2239-1542
Entrance: Free

Lord Jim’s Pub (Ipanema)
The oldest pub in Rio in its newest guise and a great local crowd. Known for its live music and happy hour.
Lord Jim’s Pub – 7PM
Rua Paul Redfern 44, Ipanema – Tel: (21) 2249-4881
Entrance: Free

Mab’s Restaurant and Bar (Copacabana)
This American-owned beachfront restaurant and bar on Copacabana Beach is a great place for food and drinks to start of the night.
Restaurante Mab’s – 5PM
Avenida Atlantica 1140, Copacabana – Tel: (21) 2275-7299
Entrance: Free

Lapa Irish Pub (Lapa)
If you are up for some Irish beer and a familiar environment to drink it in, this is the place to go. The pub attracts all kinds of people, offers live music, and London Pride and Heineken on draft.
Lapa Irish Pub – 5PM
Rua Evaristo da Veiga 147 – Lapa – Tel (21) 2221.7236
Entrance: R$20

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