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DirtyBlackDiscoSaturday’s Rio Nightlife Pick – For tonight’s dirtyblackdisco — 19042014 Rio de Janeiro event, Butter, the CEO & founder of the dirtyblackdisco label, comes to Botafogo’s Studio Line from New York, bringing with him German DJ Damiano Von Erckert and his blend of classic house, disco, funk, techno and soul.

The event, which will also include Rio DJ and producer Filipe Mustache and Facchinetti & Lincoln Otoni, takes place in celebration of dirtyblackdisco’s return to Rio after a year.

Rio visual artist, Julio Parente will also be responsible for the art direction during the event.


Dirtyblackdisco — 19042014 Rio de Janeiro (Botafogo)
Damiano Von Erckert, Butter, Filipe Mustache, and Facchinetti & Lincoln Otoni bring high pulse energy with deep house and disco to Botafogo.
Studio Line– 11PM– 6AM
Rua Álvaro Ramos, 414,Botafogo – Tel: (21) 2543-1256
Entrance: R$40-R$60

Fosfobox 10th Anniversary (Copacabana)
It’s all about pop, indie rock, and funk tonight at Fosfobox as the club holds the third event of seven in celebration of its 10 year anniversary. DJs Tomás Tróia; Fabiano Moreira and Richard L; Fl3sh Disco and Sal; Fernando Schlaepfer; Jeff and Raphael Narciso; and Andrei and Queiroz will play in Fosfobox’s basemant while DJs Beto Artista; Lucas Rizzotto; Grazzia and Caio Loki; Polly and Ivy; Julie; Drop Dead Divas; and Julia Gameiro will spin above at the Fosfobar.
Fosfobox– 9PM-6AM
Rua Siqueira Campos 143, Copacabana – Tel: (21) 2548-7498
Entrance: R$30-R$50

Inflamável (Botafogo)
Casa da Martiz is catching fire with electro-pop and indie rock tonight. Double dose of flaming shots of sangue do diablo until 1AM. Shots distributed from the DJ booth every time the word “fire” is heard in a song.
Casa da Matriz – 11PM
Rua Henrique de Novaes 107, Botafogo – Tel: (21) 2226-9691 / (21) 2266-1014
Entrance: R$20- R$30

The Original Brazilian Pool Party- Easter Edition (Glória)
DJs Thierry, Rodolfo Bravat, Bruno Pacheco, Gustavo Tata, and Márcio Careca keep the party going on two stages during tonight’s Easter edition of The Orignal Brazilian Pool Party, a gay circuit event that is becoming increasingly popular in Rio de Janeiro.
Clube de Regatas Boqueirão do Passeio – 7PM
R. Jardel Jerculis , s/n , Glória– Tel: (21) 7867-0863
Entrance: R$60- R$90

The Rio Times Nightlife Guide, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Nightlife, Bars, Club


Ana Costa (Lapa)
Singer Ana Costa reinvigorates the sounds of old samba with the songs on her 3rd album entitled, “Today is the best place” and will play those works live tonight in Lapa at 11:30PM. Performer Nelson Felix will start the night off at Carioca da Gema at 9:30PM.
Carioca da Gema – 9:30PM
Av. Mem de Sá 79, Lapa – Tel: (21) 2221-0043
Entrance: R$30

Forró na Madrugada -Forró de Ponta (Centro)
Rio Scenarium’s is again alive with the sounds forró tonight beginning at 2:30AM as works of famous musicians Luiz Gonzaga, Dominguinhos, Alcaeus Valencia, Geraldo Azevedo and other northeastern and northern Brazilian artists as well as current new songs in the forró pé de serra scene will be performed.
Rio Scenarium – 2:30AM
Rua do Lavradio, 20 casa – Centro – Tel: (21) 3147-9000
Entrance: R$ 25- R$40


Academia da Cachaça (Leblon)
This bar specializes in cachaça and the fruit drinks; caipifrutas and caipirinhas.
Academia da Cachaça – 9PM
R. Conde Bernadotte 26, Leblon – (21) 2239-1542
Entrance: Free

Lord Jim’s Pub (Ipanema)
The oldest pub in Rio. It is well known for its live music and happy hour.
Lord Jim’s Pub – 7PM
Rua Paul Redfern 44, Ipanema – Tel: (21) 2249-4881
Entrance: Free

Mab’s Restaurant and Bar (Copacabana)
The new American-owned beachfront restaurant and bar on Copacabana Beach is a great place
for food and drinks to kick off the night.
Restaurante Mab’s – 5PM
Avenida Atlantica 1140, Copacabana – Tel: (21) 2275-7299
Entrance: Free

Lapa Irish Pub (Lapa)
If you are up for some Irish beer and a familiar environment to drink it in, this is the place to go. The pub attracts all kinds of people and offers live music, London Pride and Heineken on draft.
Lapa Irish Pub – 5PM
Rua Evaristo da Veiga 147 – Lapa – Tel (21) 2221.7236
Entrance: R$20

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