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Thursday’s Rio Nightlife Pick – RapSoul is knocking down doors and taking numbers on Thursday nights in Rio de Janeiro. Situated at the chic indoor/ outdoor venue 00 (Zero Zero) in Gávea, this new dance fest features only the best in hip hop, funk and soul, rare groove and more. Resident DJs include Rv, Bruno Vinelli, Fabio Farinha and Pedro Piu.

Thursdays at 00 have proven to be successful time and time again. RapSoul will feature a steady lineup of local and out of town guests to throw down on both vinyl and digital formats. The venue is considered one of Rio’s best, offering a very chic outdoor patio deck for socializing, smoking and eating, equipped with a great bar and plenty of seating. The inside hosts a killer dancefloor with an amazing sound system and plenty of room to get down.


Rock in Rio (Barra da Tijuca)
Rock in Rio returns with an incredible lineup that is sure to make it one of the best years to date. Tonight’s lineup features Metallica, Alice in Chains, Rob Zombie, Sebastian Bach, Sepultura and many many more.
Cidade do Rock – 1PM
Avenida Salvador Allende, 1, Jacarepaguá-
Entrance: “official tickets sold out”


Festa I Love Rock and Roll (Botafogo)
Rock ‘n roll is hot right now, especially in Rio de Janeiro. In honor of the festival, Casa da Matriz demonstrates their love for the craft with Festa I Love Rock and Roll. Come get yours with the best of national and international classics, metal, punk, rock and industrial.
Casa da Matriz – 11PM
Rua Henrique de Novaes, 107, Botafogo – Tel: (21) 2226-9691 / (21) 2266-1014
Entrance: R$25 with guest list, R$35 without

RapSoul (Gávea)
Residents DJs Bruno Vinelli, Fabio Farinha and Pedro Piu throw down todays top hip hop hits on vinyl and CD at 00 in Gávea. The chic venue serves food and drinks as well as providing a killer dancefloor both inside and out.
00 – 10PM
Av. Padre Leonel Franca, 240, Gávea – Tel: (21) 2540-8041
Entrance: R$40 for men, R$30 for women

D-Date (Copacabana)
The crew from D-Date is back again on their nightly quest for club domination. Tonight the gang is at Cave Club, the newest and hands down best club in Rio de Janeiro. Resident Bernardo Campos welcomes guests Felipe Fella and Pedro Manara.
Cave – 10PM
Rua Francisco Otaviano, 20, Copacabana – Tel: (21) 2522-5663
Entrance: R$20 with guest list, R$40 without

The Rio Times Nightlife Guide, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Nightlife, Bars, Club


Divas (Lapa)
Barzinho brings out the true diva tonight as Lica Tito drops bombs by some of the most well known bombshells of our time. Expect to hear from Ivete Sangalo, Maria Rita, Madonna, Beyoncé, Mary J Blige and many more.
Barzinho – 11:30 PM
Rua do Lavradio, 170, Lapa – Tel: (21) 2221-4709
Entrance: R$30

Mano a Mano e Moyseis Marques e Forró Quinteto (Lapa)
Thursday nights at Leviano are strictly for those who want to dance to quality music! The night will feature the best of salsa, forrogroovejazz, samba and more!
Leviano – 10PM
Mem de Sá, 47, Lapa – Tel: (21) 2507-5779
Entrance: R$25


Shenanigan’s Live Music (Ipanema)
Shenanigan’s is always a good choice, with live music, all the sports games and all sorts of pub games such as darts and the only pool table in Ipanema.
Shenanigan’s Irish Pub – 7PM
Rua Visconde de Pirajá, 122A (Upstairs), Ipanema – Tel: (21) 2267-5860
Entrance: R$25 after 8PM

Blue Agave (Copacabana)
Some of the best Mexican food — and the best margarita — in Rio, plus live American and European sports on TV. They also have the original location in Ipanema.
Blue Agave – 5PM
Rua Aires Saldanha, 21C, Copacabana – Tel: (21) 3592-9271
Entrance: Free

Mab’s Restaurant and Bar (Copacabana)
The new American-owned beachfront restaurant and bar on Copacabana Beach is a great place for food and drinks.
Restaurante Mab’s – 9AM
Avenida Atlântica, 1140, Copacabana – Tel: (21) 2275-7299
Entrance: Free

Lapa Irish Pub (Lapa)
If you are up for some Irish beer and a nice environment to drink it in, this is the place to go. With its trendy decor, this pub attracts many different kinds of people and offers London Pride and Heineken on draft. Tonight is “Puro Malte”, featuring rock ‘n roll hits.
Lapa Irish Pub – 5PM
Rua Evaristo da Veiga, 147, Lapa – Tel (21) 2221-7236
Entrance: R$20

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