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Wednesday’s Rio Nightlife Pick – California born band Sublime is globally known as one the best ska, punk bands of the 90’s. Chosen tracks were that of legend among skaters and snowboarders as well as thousands of punk fans around the world. The band produced great albums such as “40 oz. to Freedom” and “Robbin the Hood”. Their major success came right after the death of lead singer Bradley Nowell with the hit single, “What I Got”. As of 2009, the band has sold over 17 million albums worldwide, including 10 million in the U.S. alone.

After the untimely death of Bradley Nowell, the band sought out new lead singer and guitarist Rome Ramirez, who has a voice similar in style and sound to that of Nowell. After legal disputes with Nowell’s estate, the band decided to change the name to Sublime with Rome. Tonight will be an epic performance at Circo Voador.


Sublime with Rome (Lapa)
Sublime is a band that needs no introduction. The Californian band performs tonight at Circo Voador, complete with their newest additions, Rome Ramirez on vocals and guitar and drummer Josh Freese, formerly from The Vandals.
Circo Voador – 10PM
Rua dos Arcos, 1 – Lapa – Tel: (21) 2533-0354
Entrance: R$200


Bittersweet (Lapa)
Wednesday nights are bringing some new musical energy with the help of local patrons at Catrin in the center of Lapa. Karaoke never sounded so good as it does downtown with a repertoire of all the classic hits from rock to pop to contemporary and soul.
Catrin – 11PM
Rua Men de Sa 63, Lapa – Tel:(21)2222-0328
Entrance: R$10 with guest list, R$15 without

X-Tudo (Ipanema)
The term X-Tudo is a summary of everything that we can expect from Brazil. This GLB-friendly venue features everything Brazil, including current remixes, B-sides, vintage hits, mashups, Latin music, and mpb.
Galeria Café– 9PM
Rua Teixeira de Melo, 31 – Ipanema – Tel: (21) 2523-8250
Entrance: R$22 with guest list, R$38 without

The Rio Times Nightlife Guide, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Nightlife, Bars, Club


Quarta Democrática (Lapa)
Northeastern Brazil invades Rio with your weekly dose of forró, accordion-fueled country tunes. With artists such as Marcia Guzzo and Band, Edson Duarte, & DJ Sergio Feijó.
Clube dos Democráticos – 11PM
Rua do Riachuelo 91/93, Lapa – Tel: (21) 8848-8889
Entrance: Women R$10 until 11PM / Men R$13 until 11PM / R$16 until midnight

Forró (Lapa)
Forró comes to Lapa 40º tonight with Grupo Tendências performing on stage. Lapa 40º serves up a variety of local and imported beers along with top quality Brazilian music, a perfect combination for your Wednesday night out.
Lapa 40º – 11:30PM
Rua do Riachuelo, 97, Lapa – Tel: (21) 3147-9005
Entrance: R$30 for men, R$20 for women


Mekong (Leblon)
The Asian fusion restaurant hosts an early evening party featuring tasty food, flashy drinks, and tunes from the likes of DJ Mary Byker.
Mekong – 7PM
Rua General Urquiza, 188A, Leblon – Tel: (21) 2243-1040 / (21) 2529-212
Entrance: Free

Mab’s Restaurant and Bar (Copacabana)
The new American-owned beachfront restaurant and bar on Copacabana Beach is a great place for food and drinks.
Restaurante Mab’s – 5PM
Avenida Atlantica, 1140, Copacabana – Tel: (21) 2275-7299
Entrance: Free

Lapa Irish Pub (Lapa)
If you are up for some Irish beer and a nice environment to drink it in, this is the place to go. On Wednesdays you can loosen up by singing some rock ‘n’ roll tunes as it’s Karaoke night.
Lapa Irish Pub – 5PM
Rua Evaristo da Veiga 147 – Lapa – Tel (21) 2221.7236
Entrance: R$15

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