By Arkady Petrov

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Impassioned, the former President declared in his second interview from prison to Brazilian journalist Kennedy Alencar that “for the sake of Brazil” he hopes Bolsonaro will learn how to guide the country,” reports Brazilian news outlet UOL in its latest report.

Former Brazilian president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva attacks Jair Bolsonaro.

The conversation was recorded one week ago – before the decree signed by Bolsonaro on Tuesday, expanding the right to carry arms to a variety of categories including truckers, lawyers, deputies, municipal councilors, and even journalists.

“Instead of talking about such nonsense, he should say that he will finish his term better than Lula had. I will create more universities, I will invest more in science and technology, I will put more children in school, I will build more houses,” said Lula.

“He has just made a decree ending all of the popular councils that had been created since the Constitution of 1988. He barbarously defends an armed state, a police state. He has just authorized farmers to use guns and shoot at anyone they want. He is a sick man! He thinks that Brazil’s problem can be resolved with firearms. The problems of Brazil are solved with books, with schools”, added the former president to the journalist at the headquarters of the Federal Police in Curitiba.

When mentioning that “a farmer can shoot at whoever he wants”, it is noted that Lula was referring to the promises that Jair Bolsonaro had made on April 18th, regarding the carrying of firearms.

The member of the PT party also criticized the posturing of the current President’s children. “He is running around after his children, putting out a fire every day. I don’t know how the family works, but what is presented publicly is something that is out of control”, said Lula.

The interview had been requested by Alencar last year but was only held this month because of divergent decisions by Ministers of the Federal Supreme Court.

Statements made by the PT to press vehicles were banned from September of 2018 to April of this year when the President of the Court, Dias Toffoli, gave permission for him to be interviewed by the newspapers Folha de S.Paulo and El País Brasil.


  1. Amazes me how such a nonsense as to interview a man whose actions in office included the biggest bribery & corruption, with the purpose of retaining power. We know what would happen if Lula & Gang were not halted. We would be like Venezuela. Decrees to control media (including social) were on the table. This is a mental scumbag. Deserves to remain behind bars till his last breadth.

  2. No. You are wrong. The sickest man ever to be President of your country is Bolsonaro. What does this man love ? Guns. Violence. Hatred. Divisions within the fabric of Brazilian society. Licking Donald Trump’s ass only to get spurned by the Americans. Does he not understand that the current American Administration treated him dissmissively? When he travelled to Washington? Such a homophobic man. I think he is actually gay and hates that part of him. What has he ever done for Brazil to date? So many years a Congressman and no legislation to attach his name to. He is a loser and will always be a loser. No wonder his popularity is in the tank. Will get much worse for him. Such a pathetic small minded man. Brazilians will kick his sorry ass out of office before long. Maybe when his sons and wife are charged with corruption. It’s coming

  3. Some Brazilians are sick. No matter what statistics, facts and History tell us… Forget all of that. This is the Age of New, the Age of Stupid.
    The man who left office with 82 per cent of approval is now a criminal, he who was a favorite to win past elections. His prosecutor now has a Ministry and will be appointed by the President for the biggest chair a Judge can occupy in our country.
    Fishy you say? No, we are way beyond that.

  4. Is Bolsonaro sick? Complicated to state … the fact is that, lula is a criminal, convicted of money laundering and corruption


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