By Jay Forte, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – On Monday, May 15th, the reinforcement of three hundred police officers of the National Force, which arrived in Rio two days ago, will be deployed. Authorities say the operations will focus, in a first phase, on combating highjacking and the repression to the organized crime.

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The reinforcement of police officers of the National Force aims to combat highjacking and the repression to the organized crime, photo by Fernando Frazão/Agência Brasil.

The first actions will focus on the northern part of the city, near the Chapadão and Pedreira complexes, where most truck attacks occur.

Undersecretary of Security of Rio, Roberto Alzir told government news sources that, “The idea is to apply this force to the control of violent crime, organized crime, focusing on vehicle theft, violent killings and burglary.”

Adding, “This force will act in the criminal spots, on top of analyzes that we carry out, which point out critical points of crime. Expressways will also be strengthened.”

According to the report, the statements we made by Alzir when he met with the director of the National Force, Colonel Joviano Conceição Lima, the commander of the National Force in operation in Rio, Colonel Benedito Pereira, and representatives of the Federal Highway Police (PRF), The Civil Police and the Military Police.

The Undersecretary made clear that, in a first phase, the members of the National Force will not enter favelas, but rather be placed around them. “Planning is dynamic. At first, the idea is for the National Force to help us patrol these express routes in the siege of these regions, and that the local police, more accustomed to this dynamics of incursions, do this action, “he explained.

Alzir also commented on the possibility that the state would receive troops from the Armed Forces, as it has done in the past, during previous processes for the deployment of Pacifying Police units (UPPs).

“No support is discarded by the state. The governor signaled to President Temer the need for federal government support. With the support of the Armed Forces, it will add to this effort of ours to control crime,” said Alzir.


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