By Brennan Stark, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Banks across Brazil are on strike after the union representing bank workers rejected the National Federation of Banks’ (Fenaban’s) offer of an eight percent salary increase on Monday, well below the 12.8 percent raise that had been requested earlier. The indefinite strike and shutdown will include both public and private banks.

Bank employees general strike started after request for an average increase of 12.5 percent pay increase was rejected, Brazil News
Bank employees general strike started after request for an average increase of 12.8 percent pay increase was rejected, photo by Antonio Cruz/ABr.

The nationwide strike began on Tuesday in an effort to pressure Fenaban to resume negotiations and meet the Brazilian banking union Contraf-CUT’s demands. The decision to strike was made just hours earlier by the Workers’ Bank of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasília and Porto Alegre, among many others.

In addition to not meeting the requested pay raise, Fenaban has done nothing to improve working conditions or ensure equal opportunity, claims Contraf-CUT President Charles Cordeiro. “With revenues over $27.4 billion achieved in the first semester of this year, banks are able to meet all the demands…and contribute to the development of the country” he argued.

Feneban issued a statement calling the strikes “pointless” and “misplaced.” It claimed that all bankers’ wages were adjusted properly and workers had been given proper benefits and participation in profit sharing. The statement also reminded bank customers that “alternative[s] can be used at any time, such as internet, telephone and self-service terminals and related.”

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  1. Please, Brasilians Hopefully very soon, you will call off the strike. Your indefinite mentioned strikes is not meant to use because your countrys bank have other business and foreign investors investing in Brasilian bank. so dearest try to resolve this if you dont want to increase poverty in your country.

  2. please when can people have the ability to make money transfer, because i want to send money to my family through western union money transfer to Brazil from Malaysia.

  3. please bank officials.can we make money transfer out of brasil..i want to transfer some money to my son in united state….please notify me asap…

  4. I have money stuck in the Bank, via transfer which we can’t get too, due to the strike, having to call the bank office in London to try and get help, then being told sorry your local branch need to sort this out for you but they are on strike!

    This damages Brazil as a whole, and it will put tourist from going to Brazil, for us it means our son has no funds to draw on to live while at university or pay the fees, no doubt we will see more as we build up to the games and world cup.

    I am sure the bank will be making some good money out the strike, in charges somewhere!

  5. It will take a long period of time for you to make up for the money you are losing by halting the banks ability to conduct business. end the strike and negotiate for your own well being very truly yours, Geoff Hyde

  6. PLease Bankers Union this is no way of getting a pay rise. You are cutting a sorry figure with your customers, investors and partners who do business with you from overseas. This way you will drive the buisness straight into the lap of new foreign banks which will take away the profiatble aspects of business and leave your banks with the mundane aspects of it.

  7. please i urge Brazilian government to look into the matter and resolve it quickly to avoid more damage to the government.

  8. please when will this strike end is affecting foreing investors and giving bad name to the Brazilian government

  9. kindly end the strike, because i am sending money to my friend in Brazil, so it is better you end the strike immediately

  10. Can any one send money via western union or money gram as the strike is still going on now pleas i need an answer

  11. Western union and money gram are supposed to be working, Brazilians stop using your own to spoil other peoples own.


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