By Lise Alves, Senior Contributing Reporter

SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL – More than 32 million Brazilians went to the polls on Sunday for the second round of municipal elections in 57 cities throughout the country. In Rio de Janeiro, conservative, evangelical bishop, Marcelo Crivella beat left-wing candidate Marcelo Freixo with a nineteen percent lead. In the three largest cities holding second round of elections, however, the real news was that abstention and blank/null ballots surpassed valid votes.

Brazil, Rio de Janeiro,Conservative evangelical bishop, Marcelo Crivella, wins mayoral race in Rio de Janeiro,
Conservative evangelical bishop, Marcelo Crivella, wins mayoral race in Rio de Janeiro, photo by Fernando Frazão/Agencia Brasil.

“This behavior [abstention and blank/null votes] has grown in the last two elections,” political scientist Geraldo Tadeu Moreira was quoted as saying by Agencia Brasil.

“It is an indication of the dissatisfaction with the political system. We have a political system with low representation. People are crying out for reforms. This is evident in voter behavior,” added Moreira.

In Rio de Janeiro, for example, the abstention was over 26 percent for this second round of elections, and of those voters who did go to the polls, more than twenty percent voted blank or annulled their ballot.

According to political analysts the large number of abstentions, as well as blank and null votes may be due to the fact Crivella and Freixo represented opposite extremes in politics. “The centrist voters who represent a third of the electorate did not feel represented by these candidates,” concluded Moreira.

The overall results of this year’s elections also show the strengthening of the PSDB, PMDB and PSD parties, all now allies of President Michel Temer. Most of all, however, the 2016 elections will be marked by the sharp decline of the PT (Workers Party) party in local governments across the country. Of the 27 state capitals, the PT only won in Rio Branco, Acre.


  1. The results of the recent elections are hopeful proof that the average, common, hard working people in Brazil who blindly followed Lula, Dilma and the PT party since January 1st 2003 have come to realize they have been fooled.

    While pursuing their socialist-communist agenda to rule over Brazil and subvert democracy, the Lula, Rousseff led PT party hierarchy have been feathering their own nests. They have failed to deliver all of their empty promises to raise the most vulnerable of Brazilian society into social inclusion and economic elevation.

    When the Lavo Jato investigation began it set in motion a series of events even Sérgio Moro must not have anticipated in depth and scope.

    The fall of the PT party in these elections is the end product of every illegal deal and corrupt action under the PT led regime. This was no accidental, isolated, moral infestation as Lula would have everyone believe. It was a well thought out, calculated day to day, operational plank in the PT plan to gain and keep political power in Brazil.

    While professing to care about the less fortunate and the workers of Brazil the PT party was in bed with the exact same corrupt corporate elites they claimed they were fighting against. Lula, Dilma and the PT party were keeping the people oppressed not liberating them. Sounds a lot like communism !

    Lies, dishonesty and feeding upon the worst fears and needs of people, who are hurting the most, is a sin in and of itself. Benefiting from this morally cruel manipulation is a crime.

    The people are waking up and they do not like what they see. Sérgio Moro and the STF have a lot of work still to do before Justice punishes all the players.


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