By Lise Alves, Senior Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – A major shuffle in the cabinet of Brazil’s President, Michel Temer, is expected this week as officials get ready to leave their posts to be allowed to run in the country’s October general elections.

Brazil,President Michel Temer is expected to accept the resignation of several of his cabinet ministers this week
President Michel Temer is expected to accept the resignation of several of his cabinet ministers this week, photo by Alan Santos/PR.

In all as many as fourteen cabinet ministers are expected to leave to start their electoral campaigns, including Finance Minister, Henrique Meirelles.

“I made the decision to join [the MDB – Brazilian Democratic Movement Party]. It is our challenge to deepen the changes that have made Brazil the worst crisis in our history. Next week, I will decide whether or not I will run in the October elections,” Minister Meirelles wrote on his social media last week.

“Meanwhile, I’m still focused on the work at the Ministry of Finance. I will remain committed to working for Brazil,” added Meirelles.

Meirelles was affiliated with the PSD but last week changed political parties. There has been rumors that negotiations are under way for President Temer’s re-election bid, with Meirelles as his running mate.

Meanwhile, Meirelles is already starting to talk like a candidate. “My line has always been the same: stability, control of spending and inflation, reforms etc. Only in this way will we improve the income and services for the population,” he said in his social media post.

Last week cabinet members planning to run for public offices in October started to say their farewell to the current Administration. “We are very proud to work with you.

At all levels you have done a great job and we are very proud to serve by your side,” said outgoing Social Development Minister, Osmar Terra, last week during a ceremony in Brasilia. Terra, who before becoming a cabinet member was a member of the Chamber of Deputies will try to be re-elected to the Lower House.

All ministers who want to run this year’s elections have until Sunday, April 7th to leave their posts.

In addition to the Finance Minister and the Social Development Minister, the ministers of Health (Ricardo Barros), Planning (Dyogo Oliveira), Tourism, (Marx Beltrão), Education (José Mendonça Bezerra Filho), Mines and Energy (Fernando Coelho Filho), National Integration (Helder Barbalho) and Sports (Leonardo Picciani) have also handed in their resignation or are expected to resign this week.


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