By Sarah de Sainte Croix, Senior Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – A 21 year-old Brazilian man, Roberto Laudisio Curti, was killed by police in Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia, in the early hours of Sunday morning. According to reports, at around 5:30 AM, Laudisio was shot at least three times by police Tazer guns before collapsing on the street. He was unable to be revived and died at the scene.

Roberto Laudisio Curti was killed by police in Sydney
21 year-old student Roberto Laudisio Curti was killed by police in Sydney, photo internet reproduction.

The man is accused of having stolen a packet of biscuits from a nearby convenience store. According to eyewitness reports the man who stole the biscuits was confused and rambling. He reportedly asked for someone to “Help me” before fleeing with the item.

Workers at the convenience store who saw the security footage told The Telegraph Australia,”He came in once and then was told to get out. He came back about ten minutes later and climbed over the security door and was inside the area where the attendant is supposed to be safe,” one worker said.

“You can see him in the footage talking a lot. He said the world was going to end and to help him. He doesn’t have a shirt on. He grabs a packet of biscuits before opening the door and going out.”

Security footage shows he was then chased by six police officers and shot with Tazer guns, seemingly in the back, until he collapsed. Sydney Police defended their use of the stun guns saying that they were concerned Laudisio might have been armed.

One Australian, who identifies himself only as ‘Sid’, describes the Police Force of New South Wales as “corrupt”, saying, “it is now a Police State, everyone is considered a druggy.”

Tests are being done to determine if drugs were present in the man’s system. Laudisio had been studying English while living with his sister and brother in law in Sydney. According to reports his tourist visa had recently expired but he applied for – and received – a student visa on March 12th.

Roberto’s family denies he stole cookies and hired a company in Sydney to conduct a parallel investigation into his death. Laudisio John Edward, the young uncle said his nephew was not a thief and that was in good health, including physical tests done before he went to Australia last year.

The Brazilian Embassy in Australia is demanding a full inquiry into the death and friends of the student are organizing a protest outside the Australian Consulate in São Paulo on March 30th.

‘Sid’ told The Rio Times, “My deepest sympathy for the death and torture of your countryman Roberto Laudisio. I would like to apologize for the behavior of our police.”

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  1. I am heartbroken and sorry that Roberto Laudisio Curti has been killed. The use of tasers is out of control in Australia, and America. Five people have been killed by this weapon in Australia and over 500 in America. They tell us it is a non lethal weapon, and it does not kill people. The Taser Industry is the same as the Tobacco Industry they lie to make profits from human misery and death, this weapon should be banned worldwide and it is a lethal weapon.

  2. It is absolutely true that Australia (include the US and UK) have become police states, but not like in the past, because they have better surveillance systems everywhere include in the fancy gadgets we all use daily and better weapons like the tasers that kills more people daily in those countries. I ask everybody to think about it and question it, because the longer the people who live in those countries deny this, the worse it will get.

  3. come to brazil, we have a lot of food. We won´t deny a miserous pack of biscuits for any of you. shame!

  4. The Australian Police use unnecessary force for minor incidents, Australia is run by governments who want to control the population with oppression. In Australia, it is illegal to drink beer in a public place including the beach. Imagine that in Brazil? People are arrested for minor incidents, many people say it is easy to be a criminal in Australia. I’m glad I call Brazil my adopted home.

  5. One Australian, who identifies himself only as ‘Sid’, describes the Police Force of New South Wales as “corrupt”
    A nice bit of investigative journalism that one.
    Before anyone starts throwing allegations, lets wait and see what the results of the investigation comes up with.
    The death of ANY person is tragic but lets not jump to conclusions. Money & Power will not get things done any faster & justice is for all, NOT just for those who think that they can buy it.
    Many Australians feel sadness for this young man’s death but the truth is being sort by independent bodies other than the police.
    As for Tasers, I’d rather be tasered than shot. I’d rather be sprayed with capsicum spray than Tasered but I’d rather stop and speak to police than get sprayed too.

  6. Tasers can be deadly they should never therefore be used in situations where there was no threat to life.

    It is clear that if there were no Tasers in this situation then the police would not have used guns – as there was no threat to life.

    Tasers should not be used unless there is threat to life.

  7. While it is a tragedy this young man died, had he stopped to talk to police he would be alive. Tasers are used as non lethal force but on rare occasions due to unknown health reasons people can die. While not 100% safe it is better than being shot. Corruption is low in Australia and we are one of the safest countries to live in the world. According to the quality of life index Australia is also one of the best countries to live in. You don’t earn these titles by being corrupt and having a high crime rate like many south American countries do.

  8. “Corruption is low in Australia and we are one of the safest countries to live in the world. According to the quality of life index Australia is also one of the best countries to live in. You don’t earn these titles by being corrupt and having a high crime rate like many south American countries do.”

    Corruption in Australia is only low for the ones who denies and believe the same numbers that are manipulated by it’s own government. Same here in the US (where I live).

    In Brazil the people KNOW there is corruption. They don’t deny it, because it doesn’t make sense. In Australia (include in the US) they deny it. They prefer/enjoy to deny it because of ego and ignorance of it’s own citizens.

    Traveled in both nations I know there is corruption in both nations. In Brazil it isn’t that massive as some people enjoy to claim and in Australia it isn’t that low as some people, mainly aussies, enjoy to claim to keep their beloved island on a so called clean sheet list of corruption (see, the statistics, we are on that list)…by the way, I repeat, it has become a Police State and majority of the people are clueless..similar like the UK who will introduce more “spy gadgets” to it’s citizens and in it’s commonwealth area’s…(they believe a police state looks like in Hollywood movies in the or like videoclips of the old soviet union or nazi germany)

  9. It is so sad to see what happened to this young man, but the reality is that it is still unknow what really happened on that early sunday morning. I’m living in Australia since 2007 and I think this country is far better and safer than many other countries around the globe. I believe this was a very unfortunate incident for both sides (police and Roberto), nobody really expected this outcome from a police operation, not even the police force involved on that operation. My understanding is that, it doesn’t really matter where you come from, as we all travel overseas, what really matters is that we must watch out our behaviour within someone’s else land as we all are expected to respect it and follow its rules as we will be accountable for any mistake we make. And if the country you are visiting has caused you any damage you can seek justice and expect a serious investigation to resolve the problem.
    I think that justice is for all and there is nothing better that to believe that we should trust the people who is in charge of protecting us on our daily life, and if they fail when performing their duties they will be accountable for and will also be penalised for it. Policemen/Women are like everybody else in the community who perform their jobs and can make mistakes, we all make mistakes on our professions. Let’s just believe that this is being well investigated and hope that justice will be done. Let’s not offend our neighbour as we all have our own reasons to travel overseas and I’m sure we will never expect this to happen to us, no matter what reasons are behind this story.

  10. No one has the right to kill anyone.. only for self-defense. I cannot believe that have happened, it is extremely unjust.. I am really sorry to his family who won’t be able to see their sun never again…. Just really sad

  11. After seeing once again the brutality act by the Police toward international students and perhaps also the media trying to cover up the truth of that morning.
    So in clear words when do you draw the line? For respecting the life and security of people who is been influence by “alcohol or drugs”. As citizen; I see on the streets that happen often in convenience stores at night time, people intoxicating and do stupid action, that means that the way and the strategies is to Tazer anyone just to control the situations.

    Where is the training of the police forces? And also I believe that violence generate more violence, I think the policeman who Tazer Roberto Laudisio Curti should bring in justice for the death of a person that just grab a packet of biscuits as the media says “he might be influence by???” Is very sad. Now his family has to come and get his son, in a terrible circumstance that not any parent would like to be. A son that visit and study in a foreigner country and then been brutally kill.

  12. I agree with everything Nicholas said. The arrogance of some people leave them blind. There is corruption in Brazil but there is corruption everywhere in the world. Brazilians do not deny that there is corruption in Brazil. They never denied! Other people in the world deny that there is corruption in their countries.

    What should I think about a policeman who kills a person armed with a packet of biscuits?

  13. thats not right and no man should have the right to point a gun.
    the police man should be put away for that and never be let out ,but the law in australia is really so angry to hear this because i live in brazil and come from australia and seeing that law has to be put down

  14. Fair Go Citizen, you make a good point, except that you disregard any number of scenarios, including that the victim of this killing seemed to be having some kind of disturbed thoughts – could be from illegal drug use – but could just as well be from legal prescriptions drugs that Australia pushes as much or more than even the U.S.

    He could have just had a visit to the dentist and been overdosed with Halcion/triazolam. He could’ve been given an antidepressant and had a paradoxical reaction – or even Ambien will do the trick.

    Certainly the reports show that he was feeling threatened, and that means he might have seen the police as a threat as well, which, in fact they turned out to be.

    Certainly tasers, overall, are less deadly than guns, but the problem is that their relative safety is apparently being so taken for granted, that it leads to their overuse, casual use, and unnecessary use.

    Had the report been that this man had attacked someone or harmed someone, then perhaps such aggression by police might be justified.

    But don’t police understand what a mental breakdown sounds/and looks like? Do they think it’s ok to just attack someone who’s suffering some kind of break with reality – or perhaps prescription drug reaction?

    Why would a person in such a state be expected to just stop and talk with police? Even a head injury can cause such behavior.

    This entire world needs to stop criminalizing every person who doesn’t walk around like robots on this planet. Sometimes there are things going on in a person’s mind or body that have nothing to do with crime, except crimes committed against them by our industries.

    Some legal drugs that cause these kinds of behaviors should be banned. Halcion, for example was banned in the UK years ago, after it caused psychotic behavior. But in the US and probably Australia, it’s used off-label, even in overdoses, regularly by dentists. Australia has a psychiatrist who’s been honored for suggesting antispychotic drugs be given to people who MIGHT develop a questionable condition labeled schizophrenia – but the drugs themselves cause brain damage and psychosis in many — and death, as well as disorientation, diabetes, etc. The US throws these drugs around like their candy, because they profit the pharm industry, which is running our country’s health system.

    Certainly, in 2012, decades after reaching the moon, we can come up with a better way to treat disturbed behavior as well as dealing with those who actually commit serious crimes, without killing them.

  15. There is something in the British climate that degrades both Man and beast on the 22nd of July Jeamj Charles de Menezes was shot 7 times in the head on the London Underground by the Metropolitan Policeman.

    Recently Roberto Lauidisio Curti was chased by six /Sydney Police Officers. They were armed with Tazer guns and Roberto was shot in the back and died. Resquiescat in pace!

    Were the Police Officers trigger-happy?

    We demand a full enquiry and, although money cannot bring Roberto back, his family should be duly compensated.

  16. A packet of biscuits? A little bit drunk? Drug psychosis? Resisted arrest? Stop, please, attempting to put the blame squarely on the victim. His only crime was walking down Pitt Street in the early hours that Sunday morming. Beto was a happy, healthy, foot-mad young student. Police used potentially lethal force. You can totally understand innocent person going into a mad panic, start running, screaming for HELP ME! HELP ME! when six cops, yes! 6 cops come up to you and start spraying your face with capsicum spray! Six cops that cannot restrain an unarmed young man is because they have a cruel streak in them. They targeted him. Australian Police had just fun zapping a human being, a young brazilian, a foreign! They make a decision to chase, to torture, to taser in the back as cowards do, to gass and to taser again and again to death! It is manslaughter, cold-blooded murder! I am pretty sceptical of Australian Police investigating Australian Police supplement by a Coroner and the State Ombudsman!!! The Crown Prosecution Service in London refused to press charges against any police officer that targeted, pinned down and cold-blooded shot several times a brazilian innocent young man…around seven years ago!!! JUSTICE JUSTICE JUSTICE…

  17. It is a disgrace when a young student is killed in broad daylight in Sydney streets. It is a travesty when he is murdered by a gang of six NSW policemen after he allegedly stole a couple of packets of biscuits.

    In any case, the policemen used excessive force on the person who they believed to be a thief.

    Surely the six policemen should be tried for the murder and locked up but more than likely they won’t even get time behind bars.

    It is no different to the thieves that steal from motorists to book them for speeding when they aren’t even speeding using devices that don’t even measure the speed correctly and are illegal. They are called NSW police. These same people lie in court.

    Whatever happened to real police ? – The ones that look after the best interest of the community rather than stealing, lying and murdering.

    By definition that used to be what a criminal was…

  18. Roberto Laudisio Curti Case: See restraint asphyxia as an etiology for the “superhuman strength” and the suffocation death.

  19. obviously young Roberto’s life was worth less then a packet of biscuits, as per the eyes of these hyenas, who hunted him down and reap apart his life, as well the lives of his family.


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