By Xiu Ying, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Vice President Hamilton Mourão said Saturday night that the Democratic mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, offended all of Brazil by criticizing President Jair Bolsonaro.

Mourão used the same social network to refute the comment and said that de Blasio attacked Bolsonaro without knowing him.
Mourão used the same social network to refute the comment and said that de Blasio attacked Bolsonaro without knowing him.

On Friday, de Blasio celebrated the withdrawal of Bolsonaro to attend an event in the American city. On Twitter, he said that the Brazilian was a bully “who can’t take a punch” and “ran away”.

Mourão used the same social network to refute the comment and said that de Blasio attacked Bolsonaro without knowing him.

“Mayor @BilldeBlasio surprises those who regard New York as the city that universally welcomes people of all backgrounds, cultures, beliefs, and opinions. He attacks @jairbolsonaro without knowing him and offends all of Brazil, which is democratically represented by its president,” wrote the vice president.

Bolsonaro was to be honored by the Brazil-U.S. Chamber of Commerce on May 14th. The event began to face resistance when the Museum of Natural History of New York, which would host the ceremony, refused to receive the Brazilian president.

The institution said it had agreed to open the venue for the Chamber of Commerce event before the ceremony was presented.

The announcement echoed among other groups critical of the U.S. president, such as LGBTQ rights activists and minority representatives, who allegedly pressured potential sponsors to boycott the tribute.

Bill de Blasio, a democratic politician and reportedly Presidential Candidate, engaged in the campaign against the honor and even claimed that Bolsonaro was a “dangerous man”.

Faced with the repercussion, Bolsonaro decided to cancel the trip to the USA.

“Faced with resistance and deliberate attacks by the mayor of New York and pressure from interest groups on the institutions that organize, sponsor and host the event annually, the ideologizing of the activity was characterized,” said the text released by the cabinet of the Presidency spokesman, Otávio do Rêgo Barros, on the case.


  1. Since when are people antidemocratic when they criticize democratically elected leaders – especially overseas? Sounds like Maia is making an authoritarian argument and twisting the meaning of democracy and should stop criticizing Maduro or any other leader Maia dislikes if he is true to his own philosophy. Its nonsensical. It’s designed to move Brazil further into fascism.

  2. I am happy to see my country standing against racism, homophobia, anti-women and other hateful things Brazil’s President represents. In no way was this an insult against Brazil, my adopted country!

  3. “Brazilian Vice President Says NY Mayor “Offends all of Brazil” by Criticizing Bolsonaro…”

    That’s a joke since Bolsonaro offends most Brazilians!

  4. Actually, de Blasio just gave the Maia a lesson in the way a democracy works when the people, and I’m talking about the people of New York City, stand up against authoritarianism and bigotry and refuse to let it pollute our great city. And don’t speak for ‘all’ Brazilians Maia. For sure, your president Bolsonaro is just as offensive to the Brazilian people as our drumpf is to ours. Stay home Bolso!

  5. Bolsonaro doesn’t offend me at all. In fact, don’t buy what the media has been spitting out non-stop.

  6. NY Mayor is indeed offending us brazillians. Bolsonaro was elected democratically by the majority of the population. Oh and by the way, he isn’t racist, just google “Helio and Bolsonaro”, his best friend is black. I don’t like homosexuality, but I won’t attack a lgbt person or purposefully misgender them, I just don’t agree / like it because I’m Christian. Very unpolite of Bill de Blasio to make a comment like that, I truly thought NY was a state which welcomes people from all backgrounds and ideologies.


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