By Lise Alves, Senior Contributing Reporter

SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL – Brazilian courts have given the go-ahead for former president, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva to stand trial for a third charge of corruption, announced federal prosecutors on Thursday. Lula along with Marcelo Odebrecht and nine other executives are charged with corruption in relation to suspicious funding obtained for construction work in Angola.

Brazil, São Paulo, Former President Lula is being charged with passive corruption and money laundering
Former President Lula is being charged with passive corruption and money laundering, photo by Fabio Pozzebom/Agencia Brasil.

Last week federal investigators recommended that federal prosecutors hand down an indictment against former president Lula on charges of influencing Brazil’s Development Bank (BNDES) and other public entities to ensure the release of financing to Odebrecht and other construction companies for projects in Angola.

The former leader is accused of passive corruption and peddling of influence even after stepping down as President.

Construction giant Odebrecht, whose former CEO, Marcelo Odebrecht is in jail for corruption since June 2015, is accused of paying R$20 million (R$30 million at today’s value) to Exergia, a company owned by a relative of Lula’s wife, to obtain contracts in public works in Angola.

Lula’s defense team issued a statement saying that the former president is the victim of “absurd accusations without evidence,” and that he never interfered with BNDES’ financing projects.

“The decisions taken by the bank (BNDES) are voted on and based on technical work by a qualified body of staff,” argue Lula’s lawyers reiterating that the defense will show that the former president did not commit any of the alleged crimes suggested by federal prosecutors.

The former leader is already a defendant on two other cases, involving the mega Petrobras corruption scandal known as Lava Jato (Carwash).


  1. Without researching, I think there was also that subway line in Lima or Quito and that Port in Cuba that Lula gave to Odebrect with BNDES funding. And, don’t forget the endless list of Brazilian companies both real and fronts that were given loans for political motives.

    The Billions in Petrobras scandal will PALE by comparison.

  2. After all that has already happened to cause the current destabilization within the government of Brazil and subsequently the entire nation, the perpetrators still refuse to accept ANY culpability! Lula’s defence lawyers constantly representing him as the victim in all this (as is Dilma, if we are to believe them) is an offence to even the basic tenet of democratic legal justification. A basic insult to any legitimate legal system!

    Criminals come in many different guises. Some break the law in order to maintain a minimal subsistence in life, (sadly all to common in Brazil). They are the true victims of injustice. Some prefer to gain success and power on the backs and labours of anyone but themselves, as in human, religious, gender, socioeconomic oppression and slavery. Some cannot exist without being in control of everyone and literally being in a position of “God upon earth” Holding the power of life and death itself. Some are sociopathic and psychopathic. No inner feelings of guilt, remorse, empathy or sin.

    It would appear that the latter two categories most perfectly define Lula, his protege Dilma Rousef and the most virulent members of the PT political party.

    Someone would need to explain and justify how any person or persons of that ilk would or could be beneficial to Brazil in any capacity of public office. Let alone the Presidency. Even the Antichrist could not do this!

    Nothing good will ever come of the PT party political regime in Brazil. History will catalogue their governance as a bleak (and hopefully short), dictatorial, tyrannic chapter in the sociopolitical, cultural, economic growth of Brazil in her quest to reach her rightful place as an equal partner in the world of nations family.

    When that takes place not only will the Brazilian people reap the benefits their long, hard fought for and dearly cost democratic harvest from totalitarianism, the rest of the civilized world will be enriched by taking a major step towards achieving humankind progression.

    Lula, et al, must not be permitted to escape the legal castigation and punishment resulting from their actions against the Brazilian people. They are the author’s of their own misery.


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