By Nelson Belen, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – In the early hours of Thursday, November 10th, the immense Lava Jato corruption investigation entered its 36th phase, titled Operação Dragão (Operation Dragon). The day began with over ninety federal police officers scouring the states of São Paulo, Paraná and Ceará, handing out sixteen search warrants and two arrest warrants.

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One of the warrants issued on Thursday was for businessman and lobbyist, Adir Assad, shown here in his earlier arrest this past June, photo by Fernando Frazão/Agência Brasil.

According to the Federal Public Ministry (MPF), Operation Dragon collected ample evidence that various entities throughout the country used sophisticated mechanisms of money laundering, including the use of offshore bank accounts, front companies and false contracts.

One of the warrants issued was for businessman and lobbyist, Adir Assad. Assad at one time was one the country’s top music promoters, credited with having brought artists such as U2 and Beyoncé to Brazil.

Originally, arrested in the 10th phase of Lava Jato, Assad had already been behind bars in Curitiba for money laundering. However, he had been serving out a ten-year sentence under house arrest, until Judge Sérgio Moro sent him back to prison in August 2015 to finish out his sentence.

Another warrant was for lawyer Rodrigo Tacla Duran, who according to prosecutors, was responsible for washing tens of millions of reais through offshore entities controlled by him.

Investigators also confirmed that they have discovered a link between the Assad and Duran with Assad having issued a R$24 million payment to Duran as well as an additional R$2.9 million payment made to a company connected to Duran.

The MPF revealed that several companies are being served on Thursday, including Econorte, in Londrina, and Construtora Triunfo, in Curitiba.


  1. The Country has to continue to arrest,investigate,and collect all the People that have “TAKEN” from the Government of Brazil, they are thefts they steal under the darkness in which they don’t have any concern for the Government, these are the same People elected in some cases to Help the Government, instead they help THEMSELVES. This Has to end by showing the People that the Police are there to stop it and arrest them. Also have all there assets frozen so they can’t get to the Money, and also there Passports to stop them from fleeing the Country. I tip my Hat to the Police in there effort to do what is right and that is NO ONE IS EXEMPT from Criminal intent! God Bless Brazil and keep up the ongoing investigations until it is ended.
    Also what is the outcome from the Dam that broke and flooded the Streets and Polluted the waterways? Isn’t the Mining Company responsible and aren’t they going to repair it, as well as clean-up all The Waters!


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