By Lise Alves, Senior Contributing Reporter

SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL – After almost fifteen hours of being grilled by senators, suspended Brazilian President, Dilma Rousseff, reiterated on Monday (August 29th) that she had committed no crime and asked lawmakers to vote with their ‘conscience’. Today the final speeches by the defense and prosecution will be delivered.

Brazil, BrasiliaSuspended president Dilma Rousseff defends her actions at the Senate during impeachment trial,
Suspended president Dilma Rousseff defends her actions at the Senate during impeachment trial, photo by Wilson Dias/Agencia Brasil.

“One can assume that when one makes exceptions and removes an elected president without [proving] criminal liability, this wound is very difficult to be healed. So I ask you senators to be very thorough when evaluating this process,” said Rousseff after answering the questions of nearly fifty senators throughout the day.

Monday’s session was a last ditch attempt by Rousseff and her defense team to keep her position as leader of South America’s largest country. While some senators accused her of ruining the economy and masking mega accounting deficits, others spent their allotted time praising Rousseff’s social programs.

Analysts interviewed throughout the day by local TV stations emphasized that Rousseff had not once in the entire impeachment process indicated a ‘mea culpa’ in the questionable accounting records of her administration, and that fact would probably block her from swaying votes to her side.

Stating that ‘what is at stake now are the achievements of the past thirteen years’ Rousseff blamed suspended Chamber of Deputies president, Eduardo Cunha, for the start of the impeachment process and interim president Michel Temer for being what she called ‘usurper’, person exercising authority unconstitutionally.

Supreme Court Chief Justice, Ricardo Lewandowski, had to ask lawmakers to quiet down several times during the day, and twice called for a brief recess to reduce tension between senators pro and against impeachment.

On Tuesday the final speeches by the defense and accusation will be delivered. During the afternoon senators will have a chance to make their final observations before voting. The Chief Justice decided that instead of voting through the night on Tuesday, the final impeachment vote will begin on Wednesday morning.


  1. The Brazilian people LOVE DRAMA! ……….and BLAME!
    From my experience over MANY years, I see a country of irresponsible people that take every possible opportunity to blame SOMEONE for their own short comings. This is not a democracy problem; this is a CULTURAL problem that is reflected in the fact that there is a lack of MATURITY in those responsible. Unfortunately, this immaturity affects all levels of society, even the politics.

  2. Joseph is right in the sense that Brazil is a sentimental society that has certain delusions of grandeur.

    However there are two recent gains which impressed me beyond all expectations: (1) the lava jato investigation and (2) the Rio Olympics.

    To have pulled off both, given the dire political, economic and psychological circumstances surrounding society, is nothing less than miraculous.

    Notwithstanding the above, the cancer at the top of the political class needs to excised. The question is how far the cancer has killed the body and will the body be able to survive?

    Living from boom to bust in a never ending cycle is exhausting for everyone concerned.

    The question however is, if Dilma were to go as the sacrificial lamb, would the next rogues in line be any different to any of those who came before or will it be more of the same old same old?

    Sadly Brazil is a bipolar society and not only does it need massive doses of mood stabilising medication, but a set of parents who can guide her as a lost child and many friends who will love and support her unconditionally.

    Cautious optimism people.

  3. Joe, are you a CIA agent? do you not see that OIL is a revenue and this is the way things are done by the US to lock in wealth for the 21st centenary? Do you not see what’s happening out east with Russia and China wanting to move away from the USD? Imagine if we can trade Brazil OIL in USD (mind blowing isn’t it). It’s so easy to blame the INNOCENT people of a country but never the RICH Oligarchs that run your petty life!! Wake up and take that tin hat off and see what FOREIGN polices are really about! Yep who would have though it involves other countries besides the USA! All you Americans do is BLAME and not look at root causes, or when you do you twist things so nothing ever gets fixed.

    Also Brazil people that are protesting, PLEASE USE ENGLISH on your signs so the world can understand what you’re doing. Right now we don’t understand and make stupid comments like Joe did because he doesn’t understand your language or what you’re fighting for. Please use ENGLISH and other Languages to get the message out to the International community.

  4. Democracy like every other political dogma looks perfect in theory and on paper. In real life it falls far short of expectation’s and promises. No political system is without flaws. The very nature of a democracy elicits the voices of the populace. Instead of one person or a small elite clique, making decisions with autonomy the INNOCENT people, as noted by “Brazil” have a direct say in their own government.

    This absolutely does NOT mean Brazilians lack maturity, political or otherwise! In fact, it illustrates a desire on the part of the populace to have a voice in government and a say in their future. Democratic government is government of the people by those who are privileged enough to hold a political position. Democratic government is a never ending process of evolution and flux all geared at reaching the best solution to problems possible. Democracy means compromise in such a way as to benefit the majority of citizens and strengthen a country. Not a privileged few. Anything less usurps and denigrates everyone.

    In the USA right now things are developing on a parallel path. The political situation in the USA is nowhere near what the original framers of the American Constitution envisioned of imagined. George Washington and the other Founding Fathers of America must be turning over in their graves to see how far the USA has degraded and fallen into a morass of political corruption, nepotism, special interest group manipulation, racial and economic polarization and violence. America has become the land of selfishness, hipocracy, greed & taking advantage.

    Joseph would be wiser not to point fingers at the political situation in Brazil. Perhaps he should reflect upon and worry about whether the USA will survive, as long as Brazil has, despite all of the difficulties and complexities of the Brazilian culture. The irony is perhaps the fact that no matter how bad Dilma Rouseff has been for Brazil she is still light years ahead of where the USA will be if they elect someone like Hillary Clinton. Compared to Hilary Clinton, Dilma Rousseff is a saint!

    Finally,the Brazilian people had the foresight, honour and bravery to impeach Dilma with a view to try to improve their country for future generations. America should blush in shame. Americans seem intent upon electing someone who will destroy the future dreams of their once great Nation. Which scenario shows more cultural and political immaturity? As it stands today the future is brighter for Brazil than it is for the USA.


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