By Anna Fitzpatrick, Contributing Reporter

SAO PAULO, BRAZIL – The towns in the state of Santa Catarina can finally begin to assess the damage done by the recent flooding, and start to rebuild now that the heavy rains have stopped. R$12 million has been earmarked for the clean-up operation, R$10 million from the State Government, and a further R$2 million the Civil Defense Authority.

The Brazilian Air Force are helping with relief efforts in Santa Catarina, Brazil News
The Brazilian Air Force are helping with relief efforts in Santa Catarina, photo by Fotos Gov/Ba/Flickr Creative Commons License.

On Saturday the Brazilian Air Force launched an operation to help the victims of the flooding; they have been dropping drinking water, medicine, food baskets and cleaning supplies into the affected areas.

To prevent further tragedies over the weekend the power was cut off in the town of Blumenau, one of the hardest hit areas. The power is gradually be turned back on in the town, which has been badly damaged by the rains.

Seventy-two hours of constant rain have caused three deaths and according to the latest bulletin of Civil Defense, 935,932 people were affected in 91 counties – about 160,000 are displaced and 15,000 homeless.

The Civil Defense Authority reported eight municipalities have declared a state of public calamity and 37 are in an emergency situation. The expected average rainfall for the month is 150 millimeters but in the last forty days the region has had 542mm of rain.

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