By Jay Forte and Charlotte Markham, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – The vestibular, or Cederj entrance exam, for the second semester of the 2016 university year is scheduled to be held on June 4th, with the registration deadline on May 5th. Successful candidates can count on 32 options in regional education centers in several Fluminense municipalities of Rio de Janeiro state.

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The placement exam will open over 7,000 placements for students in Rio de Janeiro state, photo by Marcelo Horn/IMPRENSA RJ.

The Consortium Cederj, Foundation Center of Science and Higher Education at Distance of the State of Rio de Janeiro (Cecierj), expanded the number of available places for students to 7,159 this semester, according to government news sources.

Gustavo Tutuca, Secretary of Science, Technology and Innovation, explained “The Cederj entrance exam has a very important social function, it opens a great opportunity for people to qualify. Often the presence factor prevents the realization of higher education, especially in the interior.”

Created in 2000 with the goal of bringing free and quality higher education throughout the State of Rio de Janeiro, the Consortium Cederj consists of seven top educational public institutions: CEFET, UENF, UERJ, UFF, UFRJ, UFRRJ and UNIRIO, and quickly reached over 30,000 students enrolled in its fifteen undergraduate distance learning courses.
Last week officials announced the state project now has more than 40,000 students enrolled in undergraduate distance learning courses. “The entrance exam is the gateway to quality public education and is accessible to all, it is a key factor to boost future career successfully” said the president of Cederj, Carlos Bielschowsky.
Through teaching a blended model, Cederj provides students a virtual learning environment and access to tutors for direct support to the content of the learning materials. Students are encouraged to participate in the proposed activities and assisted in educational methodology to distance learning (ODL), emphasizing the need to acquire autonomy in learning.
Courses offered are; Management; Public administration; and Production Engineering, Technologists in Tourism Management; Public Security; and Computer Systems, Undergraduate Life Sciences; Physical; Geography; History; Letters; Mathematics; Pedagogy; Chemistry; and Tourism.

Registration for the 2016 second semester Vestibular Cederj are for fifteen undergraduate distance learning courses in public universities. Applicants must register by May 5th, on the site The fee is R$73.


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