By Laura Madden, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – FIFA secretary general Jerome Valcke on Friday criticized Brazil for its lack of preparation to host the 2014 World Cup. The main grievance on Friday from the world’s football (soccer) governing body is that everything appears to be behind schedule.

Jerome Valcke, secretary general of FIFA, Brazil News
Jerome Valcke, secretary general of FIFA, accused Brazil on Friday of being more concerned with winning the 2014 World Cup than hosting it, photo by Valter Campanato/ABr.

There has been little movement on the laws allowing the sale of beer in the stadiums, currently illegal in Brazil in an effort to curb violence.

He pointed to the fact that the twelve stadiums being built across the nation are not on schedule. “I don’t understand why things are not moving,” he said, adding that there was no ‘Plan B’.”

FIFA also expressed concern over the sale of discount tickets to students and pensioners.

But Valcke’s biggest concern is the lack of infrastructure to receive the expected amount of visitors from around the world.

“You have more than enough [hotels] in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, but if you think about Manaus, you need more,” he said, referring to the city in the Amazon jungle that will host a few games.

“Let’s say in Salvador you have England v Holland and you have 12 percent of the stadium with English fans and 12 percent Dutch – that’s 24 percent of 60,000 fans. Where are they all going to stay? The city is nice but the way to get to the stadium and all the organization of transportation has to be improved.”

FIFA had warned against spreading the games out across the country instead of concentrating them in one region such as the Southeast.

“If you follow one team you will have to fly 8,000 km,” said Valcke. “We did it at the request of Brazil. Having supported the decision we have to ensure the fans and the media … will be able to follow their team.”

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  1. hotels? what about airports? i dont know about SSA, but GRU and GIG are in no way ready to welcome higher volumes of international arrivals and they certainly shouldn’t be doing so in their current state. the first and last things the world will see of brazil are these two airports with their dilapidated, chaotic, antiquated arrivals/departures halls.. one would expect to see major overhauls taking place by now.

  2. Brazil ranks 126 out of 183 in terms of the “ease of doing business – this explains a lot -corruption, incredible bureaucracy and a large dose of hubris all make a mixture for things being late. Remember workers were still installing seating at the Sambadrome on the night before Carnaval kicked off. On the world platform – close enough is simply not good enough – especially when you expect visitors to pay top dollar for everything! It’s world standards that are in play not local ones, so breaking ties with the main FIFA guy only sends a bad message to the rest of the world. If Brazil had an obligation to deliver certain guarantees in 2007 why has it taken so long?

  3. This is going to interesting. here we have FIFA which is full of corruption against a country full of corruption. Never mind the football matches I want to see which corrupt organization wins.


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