By Lise Alves, Senior Contributing Reporter

SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL – Former Brazilian President, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, filed a petition on Thursday with the High Commissioner of Human Rights at the United Nations alleging persecution and abuse of power of federal prosecutors in the Lava Jato (Carwash) corruption investigation.

Brazil, São Paulo, Former President Lula has filed a petition with the UN Human Rights Commission
Former President Lula has filed a petition with the UN Human Rights Commission, photo by Fabio Pozzebom/Agencia Brasil.

According to the petition Lula seeks ‘protection from arbitrary arrest or detention, protection from arbitrary or unlawful interference with privacy, family, home or correspondence, and from unlawful attacks on honor or reputation’.

The lawyers for ex-President Lula say the former leader has been harassed by Judge Sergio Moro, lead prosecutor in the Lava Jato scandal. The petition claims Moro ‘illegally’ tapped into Lula’s telephone conversations with his lawyers and suspended president Dilma Rousseff, in addition to ordering police to bring in the former head of state for questioning during the on-going Lava Jato investigation.

Political analyst interviewed by local media believe the former leader is afraid he will be arrested and charged with money laundering and misrepresentation related to the alleged ownership of a country house in the interior of São Paulo state and a triplex apartment in the beach town of Guaruja.

In his defense, Lula states he has always helped police and prosecutors in their investigations, and that he has done nothing wrong. “He has refuted, in detail, allegations that construction companies helped him buy a holiday apartment (he did not buy it) or to furnish a country property (which was owned by friends) in return for any favor,” said the petition.

As for Moro, the petition labelled him a biased judge and a ‘crusader who believes that corruption convictions should be obtained by procedures that breach human rights’.


  1. Now there is a man that is running very scared! What happen to using Brazil’s courts & Supreme Court? Oh that’s right…they refused to stop the investigation. Somebody has something to hide? What was it he said about those properties that he is occupying? I didn’t pay for it so I don’t own it! What exactly does he expect from the UN…that they might issue a non-binding order for Brazil to stop investigating a former country leader for corruption? Lula is clearly not thinking this through very well and it’s just another misstep on his part that clearly embarrasses Brazil!

  2. This is absurd from Lula. For many years he advocated non interference in the internal affairs of countries by outside entities, but, now he wants the UN to intervene in his specific corruption allegations. He is not serious and should be in jail with the rest of his band of thieves.

  3. These recent actions of Lula are an embarrassment to all Brazilian people.

    The very fact that he has the audacity to run to the UN seeking their protection, in relation to his legacy of corruption, illegal actions and misuse of political power, illustrates that Lula has absolutely no conscience, no sense of remorse, nor any type of moral compass. Anything he needs to do to save himself and his crones from legal prosecution is fair play by his standards. This man has no soul whatsoever. He is a disgrace to the Brazilian political system and unworthy of ever holding the position of President. In fact, he should be banned from ever having any political association for the rest of his life.

    Lula’s problems with Moro stems from the fact that Moro is completely unbiased or intiminated in h is pursuit of the truth. He may be a crusader but he is a crusader seeking to root out the long suffering illness endemic to the Brazilian political system and restore some type of honour and justice for all Brazilians, not simply the rich and corrupt politicians who have lined their pockets on the hard work and sweat of millions of honest, hard working, ordinary people in Brazil.

    Lula’s desperation and guilt are obvious to anyone who has eyes to see! His fear of arrest and imprisonment is valid because Lula knows the truth. So does Moro.

    The UN should stay out of this matter and let Brazil clean her own house.

  4. Moro represents the best of what a corrupt judge on CIA payroll can be! Moro not only wants to destroy Brazil`s economy but also gives Pre-salt to transnationals and partially not impartially finish with THE MOST IMPORTANT LATIN AMERICAN POPULAR LEADER OF ALL TIMES MR LULA DA SILVA & his party & with him the 36 mil people Lula brought out of hunger & famine & gave better life to.


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