By Lisa Flueckiger, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – A German tourist died after he had been stabbed by robbers when returning to his hotel in Rio de Janeiro’s Centro with his wife on Tuesday afternoon, February 17th. The visitors were in town to enjoy the city’s Carnival celebrations.

Rio de Janeiro, Centro, Brazil News
Two German tourists were attacked in Rio’s Centro, photo by Rodrigo Soldon/Flickr Creative Commons License.

The couple was attacked by two people in Rua Uruguaiana near Largo de São Francisco after leaving a Presbyterian church on Tuesday afternoon. First reports stated that the victim had resisted the assailants and fought with them, so they attacked him with a knife. However, Globo’s Extra now reports that he was stabbed when trying to hand his camera over.

The victim suffered two stabs, one which pierced his heart leading to his death later when brought to the hospital. His wife suffered injuries to her arm when trying to protect her husband.

The thieves took a backpack with around R$100, the couple’s hotel card and the camera. So far, they have not been found and a first suspect that had been arrested, was cleared by the wife as not being one of the assailants. The police is continuing the search and are currently looking for street cameras that might have recorded the attack.

According to the police corps of the area, this type of attack is common in the region. Rio’s Centro can get deserted after working hours and on holidays, making it unsafe to wander.

During the days of Carnival, more than 15,500 policemen are on watch in Rio de Janeiro, which so far had been reported as fairly calm.


  1. Not surprised , I was there during carnival , and during the day it is family and friendly , but at night it is awful , out if control feral youths . Hi-hacking buses and drugs … Can not believe that the Olympics is ging to haooen in 2016 .. the city is covering up mass disorder

  2. Trying very hard to make this the tourist’s fault. First claim he resisted ( but it turns out he didn’t). Failing that, blame him for booking a hotel in Centro, which is unsafe after hours and on weekends–and surely a German tourist should have known. Really?? No blame for our crime-ridden city?

  3. Watch out even in the airport you may have your baggage or backpack stolen. Not all areas in the airport are covered by cameras. Does not matter if you are flying in or out of Reo !


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