By Harold Emert, Contributing Reporter

Rudolph Giuliani, photo by Commons License.
Rudolph Giuliani, photo by Commons License.

RIO DE JANEIRO – In an attempt to clean up its image in time to host the World Cup of 2014 and Olympic Games of 2016, the state of Rio may hire the ex-mayor and unofficial ex -“sheriff” of New York City, Rudolph Giuliani.

Responsible for instituting a “zero tolerance” policy, and noted for his determined and courageous leadership after September 11 in New York City, Giuliani plans to visit Rio five to six times a year to advise local officials.

His task will not be easy: Rio law enforcement officials are currently fighting fire-bombed buses, and gangs using adolescents to transport arms and drugs in a city which the Rio’s Mayor Eduardo Peas recently called “cidade do lixo” (trashland) as reported by O Globo.

Giuliani visited this last week the Brazilian favela of Dona Marta to view first hand a local project called “Peaceful Police,” where law enforcement officials try to be friends and aides the poor rather than fight them with arms and violence. He told Rio’s O Globo newspaper that like New York City, Rio’s problems can be resolved by combating small acts of disorder.

“It’s the logic of the broken window. You should fix it first before another is broken. In New York we tackled problems showing the population that disorder is not the example to be followed.” The ex-mayor and unsuccessful Presidential candidate adds however “in New York it took us six or seven years to become a success.”

A Brazilian columnist adds that “Giuliani did the same job in Mexico and charged $4.3 million dollars, but according to reports, he wasn’t able to change much there.”

Exhilarated with his new helper from the Big Apple, Rio’s governor Sergio Cabral says “Giuliani has a staff of professionals who have given their advice to the whole world for events, public administrations, and to private companies, and I have contracted him to reinforce our work with public security.”

Ex-Mayor of New York City, Rudolph Giuliani, at the side of Rio mayor Eduardo Paes, during visit last week to Rio, photo by Rio de Janeiro municipality/Beth Santos.
Ex-Mayor of New York City, Rudolph Giuliani, at the side of Rio Mayor Eduardo Paes, during visit last week to Rio, photo by Rio de Janeiro municipality/Beth Santos.

Cabral explained that Giuliani’s staff will maintain permanent contact with the staff of the local government to get to know first hand the reality of Rio de Janeiro. He expects Giuliani to present a concrete proposal within one month of implanting zero tolerance to a municipality which once was called the Marvelous City during the bossa nova era but today struggles with crime and poverty.

“We have his work in New York as a reference. Giuliani is a great specialist in what he does. He took over New York in 1992 with high indexes of criminality and by 2000 reduced crime drastically”.

Not one to skirt reality, Giuliani visited one of Rio’s most dangerous favelas Alemao (German) to see the Afonso Varzea Municipal School. He was accompanied besides the mayor the municipal secretary of education, Claudia Costin.

He also visited Rio Municipal Guard, or civil police, Rio’s northern neighborhood of Sao Cristovao and was accompanied by the secretary of Public Order Rodrigo Bethlem and commander of the civil police, e Ricardo Pacheco.

Correction: December 10th, 2009
This article was first published on December 8th stating Giuliani had been hired already.


  1. Giuliani has no idea what he is getting into! First he is not in America and the law is not the same as in America! In America the bad guys are protected by the law! Not the victems! If a someone spits on a Amrican cops face he can’t do much. But let me see someone spite in a PM face and see what happens! Plus Giuliani does not know the difference between rich and poor compared to black and white. Stay the hell away from Brasil because Giuliani can’t even stop the crime in America which I think is worse! Send Giuliani to Los Angeles or Oakland California! Yea I don’t think so! Nice offer but STAY AWAY FROM BRASIL! Fix Los Angeles with the Govern-Nator!!!! Brasils problems are deep but only a Brasilian can understand more than an American that never lived there! To me I feel better in Brasil than places like Los Angeles or Oakland California. I don’t even go to those places no more because it is DANGEROUS! Even in the day! Like Brasil it has it’s nice places and the places you just don’t go to! As an Asian American I feel safer walking in a favala than in Compton Area or parts just outside of downtown Oakland! And I sure as hell won’t walk around parts of New York at night by myself! So stay home Giuliani! (Don’t look down on Brasil with a fony smile)!

  2. I forgot to mention my amigo Cabral; look at the year, 1992 – 2000. This is 2009, times change. What has Giuliani done since. Mexico! WORSE! Please Cabral save the money and help out with some programs in the Favalas with fixing the area or schools. That will create jobs. And don’t be tight with the money!

  3. I agree somewhat with the first statement, Giuliani can try, but a society must have rule of law and the infrastructure, technology and manpower to enforce it. Brasil has none of the above, in any city, let alone Rio! Throw in a large share of Corruption and Public Apathy and you’ve got a pretty close picture of the state of affairs in Brasil. In one word “Bagunca” or mess!!
    I love Brasil and live here permanently, because in the U.S. my liberties have been so severely restricted, because of the established infrastructure, technology, and manpower. Giuliani had these tools at his disposal to improve New York but Rio de Janeiro does not!
    Laws are fine, but most importantly, the people of a nation must live by conscience. Respect for the nation, city, bairro,and other people, will effect more change than the law and better enforcement.
    What really needs to happen is an awakening of the public consciousness through education and informative public campaigns, with locals working together and taking personal responsibility for the areas they live in. It is these dynamics that made America a great nation, and the loss of these dynamics, which is destroying it today! Brasil has the potential to be among the great nations, but the public consciousness must awaken first. Rio can spend all it’s money, but it more than likely will end up in the pockets of administrators like Rio’s government, Giuliani and his staff.(In this sense Giuliani understands Brasil well.) U$4.3 million is a lot of dineiro!! I’ll do it for 1/2 price and using the above mentioned principles will get more result than Giuliani! Try me, I love Brasil and live here, Giuliani does not! His only interest in this is the money. If I’m wrong, let him offer a money back guarantee, it won’t happen!
    I hope for the best, but I am no fool, time and results will tell!

  4. The stats I looked up a few years ago showed Rio now as worse then Miami at its peak. So we have more crime then NYC did at its worst. Also our areas where a normal person would be unsafe is a much larger percent of our city. You may not like Giuliani but Rio is not a safe city.

  5. I wish Giuliani the very best of luck. Will small acts of disorder, “the broken window” be regarded as sufficiently important?
    Is Brazil just a bit more laid back about stuff in general? To some extent isn’t that why we like it?
    When Rio becomes a sanitized, mechanised city in which we all work 18 hrs a day will we want to be in Brazil?

  6. Paul’s idea is GREAT! “MONEY BACK GUARANTEE” or make Giuliani pay back the money for not succeding in infrastructure or school’s in the favala’s! Make sure the money come’s from where Giuliani comes from, America!

  7. This is the absolutley the worst possible situation. I am a regular traveler to Rio aun Latin America for a global IT firm. I was on the beach on Ipanema today and was appalled to see the police state the has been implemented. They have removed all the street and beach vendors, the kiosks on the beach are being told they will only be able to sell a limited number of of chairs. No food or liqour. What they are forgetting is this is these peoples only source of income. I predict this will back fire into major violence.

    As a visitore I am appalled at the evironment I witnessed today. I witnessed police a city ordinance workers harassing locals and vendors, imposing themselves where there were no disturbances. This is an injustice. Sadly I think the World Cup and the Olympics my be the worst possible thing for the majority of Rio’s residents, the poor.

  8. As Harold Emert rightly puts it, Mayor Rudy Giuliani is not going to have an easy task in Rio and he knows what he is talking about. Harold is an American living in Rio for over thirty years. I, myself, lived in Rio for over thirty years and I can attest to the fact that as capable, courageous and excellent administrator as Mr. Giuliani is, he is going to need a lot of help and we can only hope that he will be able to separate the poor people living under sub-human conditions and suffering all kinds of violence from gangs and drug traffickers in the slums surronding what once was a wonderful city; from thoise inflicting that violence and death. As things are now, it is a heavy toll paid by the poor honest dwellers who are innocent by standers and caught in the cross fire between gangs and police,
    I agree completely with what Paul, above, says:
    December 9, 2009 at 10:05 AM I agree somewhat with the first statement, Giuliani can try, but a society must have rule of law and the infrastructure, technology and manpower to enforce it. Brasil has none of the above, in any city, let alone Rio! Throw in a large share of Corruption and Public Apathy and you’ve got a pretty close picture of the state of affairs in Brasil. In one word “Bagunca” or mess!!
    And you should keep reading his very articulated comments, he knows what he is talking about!!!

  9. Rudy Guliiani is a criminal. His “success” in New York came at the liberty of its citizens. The poor got rounded up to sooth the nerves of the rich.

    What he does not understand is that CIVIL LIBERTIES still exist here in Rio.

    This idea could not be worse… Stay home Rudy!

  10. When Rudy was elected NYC Mayor, he inherited a corrupt city government , serious crime issues. and a citizenry that ignored all but the most significant laws. He cleaned up the city by bringing law, order, and aboev all civility. Now tourists and NYC residents can both enjoy all that the city has to offer. He can only point the Rio city government in the right direction, but the rest is up to the Cariocas.


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