By Harold Emert

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Calling Brazil’ s President Bolsonaro “a bully”, New York City Mayor and reportedly Presidential Candidate Bill de Blasio (Democrat) seems to be satisfied that Bolsonaro has canceled his visit to the Big Apple to receive the award of “Personality of the Year.”

New York Mayor de Blasio has called Bolsonaro “a dangerous person.”

The award-dinner ceremony by the Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce on May 14th at the Marriott Hotel in Times Square has met protesters and withdrawal of sponsors due to Bolsonaro’s controversial statements against gays and the environment.

The Mayor has called Bolsonaro “a dangerous person” since the ceremony initially scheduled at New York’s Museum of Natural History was announced. The American award goes to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Writing on his Twitter account, De Blasio huffs “Bolsonaro has learned that New Yorkers are not blind to oppression and that hate is not welcome in the city. The Brazilian President’s assault on gay and transexual rights and his destructive plans for our planet are reflected by many leaders including in the USA. Everyone should rise, speak up and fight against this imprudent hate.”

Bolsonaro’s scheduled trip to Miami on May 15th to meet with Republican leaders is still on, according to Brazilian media reports.

The Folha de S.Paulo reported on Sunday that “Bolsonaro supporters blame Brazil’ s military for canceling the trip based on their analysis of the negative effects of protests in New York.”

“Bolsonaro has a strong personality and would have no problem confronting protesters, ” claim the President’supporters.


  1. As a New Yorker, I can tell you that DeBlasio is an idiot who insults anyone who dares to disagree with his ideology.

    Ignore him. He’s not worth your attention.


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