Gringo View: The Trump & Bolsonaro Cults – Suspension of Disbelief

Society, not just in Brazil or the US but throughout the world, has entered a period of enormously difficult transition. To survive it, it will be much easier to suspend disbelief and grab hold of the simple answers. The problem will be to know whether they come from false prophets or from real ones.

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - When we put our observable reality on the shelf to enjoy flying ‘faster than a speeding bullet’ with ‘Superman’ or enter Hogwarts with Harry Potter, what we are doing is suspending our disbelief, turning off our normal observable reality to engage, however temporarily, with another.

The suspension of disbelief is the willingness we all have to happily accept an alternative reality – in the arts, when we engage with the characters and situation of a play or a novel - in life, when we willingly accept as true, something, we have no rational basis to believe. Many so . . .

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