By Lise Alves, Senior Contributing Reporter

SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL – On Wednesday Dilma Rousseff was impeached by the Brazilian senate. The controversy that arose after the impeachment vote however, was not about Rousseff being ousted from the presidency but the fact that the senate also voted to allow her to maintain her political rights, and run for public office.

Impeached ex-president Dilma Rousseff, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Brazil News
Impeached ex-president Dilma Rousseff is allowed to continue holding political appointments, photo by José Cruz/Agência Brasil.

“There is no constitutional provision to allow for one to vote for the loss of office, and another for the disqualification for the exercise of public function,” stated Senator Alvaro Dias in documents asking to the courts to revoke the latter decision. For the senator, the second vote was unconstitutional.

Dias, member of PV (Green Party) joined other senators from the PSDB (Brazilian Social Democracy Party), DEM (Democrats) and PPS (Communist Party) to criticize the decision of allowing senators to vote twice in the same process. These political parties, along with the PMDB (Brazilian Democractic Movement Party), of now President Michel Temer, are appealing the decision to the Supreme Court.

According to these lawmakers with the approval of the impeachment the law also maintains that the dismissed leader should be barred from holding a public position for eight years.

Senators were not the only one surprised with the two-vote process. Supreme Court Justice and president of the Federal Electoral Court (TSE), Gilmar Mendes, classified as “bizarre” the decision by senators to vote separately Rousseff’s mandate and the maintenance of her political rights.

President Temer, who was reportedly furious at some PMDB members for voting in favor of the maintenance of Rousseff’s political rights, tried to downplay the entire issue calling it a ‘minor embarrassment’.

“The Senate made a decision, right or wrong, it does not matter, the Senate made a decision. It seems to me that it (vote) is being questioned now legally,” Temer told reporters in Shanghai after meeting Chinese businessmen and before heading to the G20 summit in Hangzhou.


  1. Every effort MUST be made by the STF to overturn the decision of the Senate which allow ex President Rousseff to hold public office after being impeached!

    It is crucial that people recognize the long term negative political fallout of the impeachment vote being split into two separate matters, resulting in Dilma not being prohibited from holding any office for eight years. There has been a blatant breach of the Constitution. The matter is not negotiable or in doubt. The Senates precedent setting decision must be quashed.

    This is another example of how twisted and corrupted the political situation has become in Brazil under the rule of the Lula-Rousseff regime and PT party, (et al). At the same time Dilma was screaming about being an innocent victim of a ruthless political coup and attack upon democracy, her team of loyal communists were working their magic to undermine and control the outcome of her impeachment.

    Not once has Rousseff claimed any remorse or expressed even a hint of accountability for her actions. Not once! Nor has she or anyone else in the PT family spoken out against the violence and destruction of public property by their supporters in the ongoing demonstrations. A responsible leader, who honestly holds democracy and the Brazilian Constitution with respect, would lead the way by taking the high road, minimizing the damage of her supporters actions before the Brazilian people and the rest of the world. Instead of being a leader she is an instigator of public revolt. A criminal!

    Dilma Rousseff, Lula, the PT party and sympathizers are not only communist in sheep’s clothing, they are something even more dangerous and insidious to Brazil. They are anarchists bent upon gaining and holding onto power at any cost. No one should be fooled. History will prove that the legacy of the PT party, Lula and Rousseff will be a disgraceful path of violence, corruption, social unrest, generational poverty and the wanton destruction of democracy in Brazil.

    Brazil is at a crossroads. It is up to the STF to utilize the mandate for which it was created. To ensure legal and political integrity and enforce the ethically incorruptible values that define the Constitution of the Federative Republic of Brazil. It is time to honour the words and ideals of the Constitution of Brazil.

    Every citizen of Brazil and anyone else in the world who cares about the future of Brazil should not stay silent. The time has come to speak out against the tyranny and political corruption in Brazil. Dilma Rousseff her supporters must not be permitted to highjack the democracy of Brazil.

  2. Are you all NUTS? This women is a COMMUNIST and maybe a Killer at one point in her long connection to the Left, are you able to see if she banked the stolen MONEY and where is it now? If you all allow again a “COMMUNIST” into the Political arena you all should be dismissed!, I f you dump her fro President and put her right back into an Office with the Government then just what did that PROVE?


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