By Lise Alves, Senior Contributing Reporter

SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL – Seventy-six of 81 passengers died late Monday night after their plane crashed into the Colombian mountains, minutes before landing in the city of Medellin. The plane was chartered by Brazilian football (soccer) team Chapecoense, going to play the first of two games for the final of the Copa Sudamericana.

Brazil,Colombian rescuers sift through debris looking for survivors of crash that killed most of the Chapecoense soccer team,
Colombian rescuers sift through debris looking for survivors of crash that killed most of the Chapecoense soccer team, photo internet reproduction.

“Very sad news we received this morning,” the team’s vice president, Ivan Tozzo, told Globonews on Tuesday morning, trying to keep tears from swelling up in his eyes. “We would never expect such a thing. It doesn’t seem real. It hasn’t hit me yet,” mumbled the team executive while giving up trying to wipe the tears.

Among the five survivors are three players (Alan Ruschel, Jackson Follmann and Neto), one journalist and a stewardess for Bolivia’s LaMia Airlines. A sixth player, goalie Danilo Padilha, was rescued alive but died on his way to the hospital. In all there were 21 journalists, nine flight crewmembers and 51 Chapecoense team members, including players, staff and executives.

According to Colombian authorities, rescue was hindered by the location of the crash, in a dense wooded area with no road access, and a rainstorm which did not allow helicopters to get close to the accident scene.

The Chapecoense team was going to play against Atletico Nacional of Medellin hoping to win their first international title. The team had lost 1-0 to Palmeiras on Sunday, when the São Paulo team won the Brasileirão.

Within hours, condolences from around the world started to pour in to social media, from sports fans and athletes. Spain’s Real Madrid and Barcelona players observed a minute’s silence for their colleagues during the teams’ Tuesday training sessions. According to authorities this may have been one of the airline crashes with the highest number of dead athletes in recent times.


  1. How sad for all the Players and Families of them, God Bless them and the entirl People our Prayers are with them all Amen!

  2. personal myself today i like to express my most verry sadness wishes haves now for the lost of all brazilian soccer club players-and others same t soccer eams members who haves dies also today sadently after an tragik airplabe accident happens today morning also only in the colombia country-including also now and for the brazilian soccer great haves till and to today,s date goalkiper-and best friend marcos danilo who also haves pass away today in same tragik columbia country,s brazilian soccer club airplane this happened accodent today morning-ian i plray to god also now only an myself-to can keeps also then and all of thems-in the glory also now forewer-and of the gods haves also now other eternal life-and paradise world. signautare. john lyristis-fr. bill horeutarakis-november 29th 2016-montreal pq.-canada.

  3. Such a sad and terrible accident as this, is tragic and shocking. The dramatic and unnecessary loss of so many precious lives, puts things in perspective. Each and every day we are alive is a gift from God. No one knows when they will be called back ‘home’!

    We are here on Earth for a very short time and we waste too much energy and effort focusing upon complaints, being angry with each other and losing site of all the blessings we have been given.

    Those family members, loved ones and friends who are left behind need all of our support and our prayers. Those who have passed are back ‘home’ and they are at peace.

    God and all His Angels, welcome, bless and protect each radiant incarnation our world has lost. The night sky is seventy-six stars darker tonight.


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