By Lise Alves, Senior Contributing Reporter

SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL – An opinion poll conducted by Ibope Inteligencia less than fifteen days before the start of the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro shows that although more than half of Brazilians interviewed hope the Games will be a success, a greater number believe that hosting the Olympics and Paralympics will be more harmful than beneficial for the country.

Brazil,Olympic Rings placed on Copacabana Beach as Rio gets ready for the 2016 Games.
Olympic Rings placed on Copacabana Beach as Rio gets ready for the 2016 Games, photo by Tomaz Silva/Agência Brasil.

The survey, published by daily Estado de S. Paulo on Wednesday, July 28th showed that only 32 percent Brazilians believe that Olympics and Paralympics will benefit the country, while sixty percent believe that the Games will have a more negative effect on nation.

In 2014 a poll by Ibope on the expectations of Brazilians for the World Cup Championship showed 43 percent believed that the matches would bring benefits to the country, while forty percent believed in losses.

The survey also revealed that Brazilians would rather have a successful event than see Brazilian athletes win medals. The concern for the success of the sporting event is much greater than during the 2014 World Soccer Cup, when in a similar survey showed that 51 percent of Brazilians believed it was more important that the country win the championship than the success of the event.

The poll showed that Brazilians are also not as enthusiastic for the Games as they were for the World Cup. Almost half, 48 percent, of those interviewed said that their interest in the Games was low while 22 percent said they were very interested.


  1. This is kind of sad to read. I do hope the polls reverse as the Olympics are played out. It is such a spectacular event…well…normally it is! Ken Megale

  2. Ola Brazil. I know you have been going through hard times financially and everything looks dismal now especially as every nation that hosts the Olympics goes into some kind of debt for these games.
    But there are positive aspects. It’s a very big deal to host the Olympics. A majority of nations in the world participate in the games. You had the World Cup but as an american I never watch that but I always watch the Olympics. Most of the world’s eyes will be watching you: Rio, your city, Brazil your nation, in the world’s spotlight. You are the only nation that has ever hosted the Olympics in the continent of South America. It ought to give your own athletes a tremendous boost to be competing with the support of their own nation behind them. You are a first. I hope you can muster the national pride and enjoy your moment in the sun in spite of all the disappointments you have had. At least get behind your own athletes and give them the support they deserve to compete well.
    You will have hosted 2 major world events and something good will come out of that perhaps not immediately when you most need it but down the line. Publicity is a good thing. Alot of good can come from it.


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