By Lise Alves, Contributing Reporter

SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL – A peaceful march to mark the anniversary of the 2013 protests against transportation tariff increases turned violent Thursday night after a group calling themselves members of the black bloc burned trash and cardboard boxes in the streets, trashed an automobile dealership and broke the window fronts of three banks.

midia ninja protests SP, Brazil News
Thousands took to the streets in São Paulo to celebrate 2013 protests, photo by Midia Ninja.

The protest, organized by the group Free Pass began peacefully with close to 1,300 participants, minutes after the start of World Cup game Uruguay versus England in São Paulo.

By early evening however, when most Free Pass protesters had already dispersed, a much smaller, but violent crowd blocked a part of São Paulo’s beltway and set aflame trashcans and wooden debris.

As local TV cameras rolled live footage of the action, some protesters broke into an auto dealership and smashed car windows using fire extinguishers. Police were nowhere to be found during the violence.

By the time police did arrive, the group was already heading towards the center of town, wrecking street signs, parked cars and thrash containers along the way.

Exactly one year ago, on June 19, 2013, São Paulo governor, Geraldo Alckmin announced he was revoking the R$0.20 cent tariff hike for urban buses and metro, after a series of protests and demonstrations brought hundreds of thousands to the city’s streets to protest. The São Paulo protests sparked demonstrations throughout Brazil against transport tariffs, for better education and health, and against government corruption.

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  1. The hardcore anarchists, who began their spree of violence and destruction when most of the peaceful demonstrators had gone home, are not unique to Brasil. The same brand of criminals have trashed and burned substantial portions of cites in Europe, Africa, the Far East and the USA. These are the devils that incite violence during legitimate demonstrations protesting political and economic corruption and oppression. When the dust settles on their skullduggery, what is left? Vandalism, fires, trashed private property and THE PRESS. These go hand in hand. The anarchists are staging these crimes for the attention they receive and the press happily follows along like a puppy dog giving full attention and glory to the violence and destruction. This further empowers the criminals who know they are likely to be free of police power and arrest. This fuels the attrocities further. Where were the police during this riot in Sao Paulo? Watching the World Cup? If these rampaging radicals saw pictures in the paper of their black masked partners with broken noses and teeth, bleeding from the police clubs that knocked them to the ground while they were rioting, how many would be back on the street tomorrow for a repeat performance?

  2. That’s a good question. I’m just really hoping that they will be clearly distinguished from those protestors that were peaceful by the press.

  3. You really got on a roll there at the end Nathan. “broken noses, teeth, bleeding from police clubs.” You forgot the jackboots. I see you as maybe in Germany in maybe the 1930’s. Any connection. The article didn’t mention any atrocities, but to you I guess some broken car windows constitutes an atrocity. And so it goes.


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