By Beatriz Miranda, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Today, November 7th, Rio’ State Bureau for Education, Valorization and Prevention starts to train security agents in using an application to help vulnerable groups. Launched by Rio’s security forces, the digital tool aims to improve the security services for women, children, elderly, LGBT, among other vulnerable groups.

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Security agents from Rio’s city and other five municipalities start the training for the new app today, November 7th, photo by Clarice Castro/IMPRENSA RJ.

The app was developed through a joint effort between Rio’s Civil Police, the Military Police, the Municipal Guard, the civil society, the Public Security Institution and the above mentioned bureau.

Focused on enlarging, facilitating and standardizing the approaching methods to vulnerable victims of crime, the initiative also intends to better address cases of religious intolerance and racial discrimination.

“The app is an action protocol created by all the security divisions. It shows that Rio’s forces are not only searching for more training, but also looking for a more transparent conduct in the field”, says Helena de Rezende, Secretary of Rio’ State Bureau for Education, Valorization and Prevention.

The first group of agents start the training today, November 7th. The officers will have the opportunity to learn how to interact with the app and understand its interface, which offers a step-by-step orientation on how to approach the vulnerable victims. The tool will be officially released after the first group’s training is concluded.

After its release, the app‘s content will be available for Rio’s population on the website of the Public Security Institute. There, one can find information like the public services that can help in case of violence against the vulnerable groups and how the victim of crime must proceed.

At first, the training will be offered to two RISPs (Public Security Integrated Regions) in Rio’s city and five RISPs in other municipalities.


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